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What is Secondary Data Analysis – Key Benefits and Main Sources – Guide 2022

The process of collecting data involves primary as well as
secondary methods or sources. The first method involves the collection of data
by the researcher from primary or first-hand sources. These primary sources
include collecting data from books, library resources, etc. On the other hand,
another type of data collection is the secondary source of data collection that
is retrieved from already used sources in the research. This type of data is
already collected through primary sources for previous research work and is
available to be used by future researchers for their researches. The major
difference between primary and secondary data analysis lies in that primary
data is collected by the researcher by him/herself whereas secondary data is
not collected by the researcher him/herself rather by someone else. With the
advanced technological means, it has become easy for researchers to get their
hands on secondary sources of data. You may collect data for your research from
internet sources, journals, articles and research papers, etc.
There are numerous benefits of using the secondary data
analysis method over using primary data analysis. The biggest among all
benefits is that secondary data is easily available to researchers to use in
their research. As some other researcher has already collected data, you simply
need to use that data for your research. While using secondary data, you do not
need to put a lot of effort and research into locating data for your research
as is required in primary data analysis. However, if you are not finding a
suitable secondary data source for your research you can ask an essay writer online to collect a
secondary data source for you. In secondary data analysis, you are at full ease
by using already available and collected data by someone else. Therefore, it
benefits you by saving your time as well as your energy by offering easy
Another major benefit of using secondary data analysis is
that it is cost-effective. It does not involve spending money on collecting new
data rather it is economical by offering you to use already data available that
you can use for your research. The collection of primary data analysis involves
sometimes huge travel costs that assert huge economic pressure on the
researcher. On the other hand, in secondary data analysis, you do not need to
spend on travel to collect data for your research. Therefore, secondary data
analysis is economical as it saves your money.
Another main benefit of secondary data analysis is that it
provides you the opportunity to collect a huge amount of data for your sources from
a wide variety of sources available for collecting data for your research. You
can collect data from a research paper that s relevant to your research field.
You can browse multiple research papers related to your research subject and
can use data of all researches by synthesizing and making changes according to
your requirements. However, you can ask some online essay writing service to
collect secondary data for your research by locating various sources for your
secondary data analysis. In this way, you will be able to collect the best
secondary data analysis sources for your research.
A comparative essay consists of several points of
comparison. Consequently, connect your sections with change words. Try to write
at least three body paragraphs to explain the briefing so that the reader can
understand your purpose of contrast and compare technically. And make sure you
are not breaking the continuity anywhere.
An incredible look into an essay needs an extraordinary end.
By this point, you will ideally have demonstrated your proposal regarding how
your two subjects are both unique and the same. Your finishing up section is
your opportunity to share any last bits of knowledge and build up your essay's
proposal. Try not to present any new idea in your closing section; use it to summarize
the whole discussion.
Another major source of secondary data analysis is the
journal sources. Journals are even taking place of books nowadays as far as the
data collection process is concerned. You can effectively use journal data as a
secondary source of data analysis for your research. Look for those journals
which are relevant to your research field and then use them as a source of your
secondary data analysis for your research.
Another major source of secondary data analysis involves
newspapers. You can use newspapers as secondary data analysis for your research
by using various facts and news provided by them. Newspapers are a reliable
source for your secondary data analysis. Besides newspapers, you can also
utilize government websites and government official records as your data for
your research. Government sources and newspapers can best help you to locate
sources of data for your research.
Comparisons are a matter of course in life – we often rate
items according to their value and choose a winner. The traditional comparison
and contrast essay asks students to put this assessment into words. The last
paragraph has a strong position in the essay. The reader finds it last and
therefore remembers its place to reinforce the main point of the analytical
Another major source of secondary data analysis is the
utilization of research articles and research papers. You can search online
available research papers related to your research domain and can utilize the
data of those research papers for your research.
However, if you are finding it
difficult to locate sources for your secondary data analysis, you can ask some
professionals, “could you write essay
for me
?” to help you find the best sources to be used for secondary
data analysis. Moreover, Podcasts, blogs, and diaries can also be used for
secondary data analysis.
Hence, secondary data analysis involves a lot of benefits
that you can enjoy by using this method for your research data collection.
Also, you can use above stated sources for secondary data analysis.
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