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Atmospheric locations, houses for different types of heroes, textures, etc...

Bright Eyes v2

A cosmetic mod that adds 22 color options for the character's eyes. 
A cosmetic mod that adds 22 color options for the character's eyes..The eyes are suitable for both men and women. But only for human races!
Eyes for elven races, beast races and vampires will be in a separate release!
Bright Eyes v2 - Completely redesigned release! Even more quality! ^^ In addition to the edited real eyes, I decided to add some unique works that I hand-drawn in Photoshop. Hope you like it!
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Mod update!

Added "Interrogation room" in Eden Manor v1.1
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Eden Manor v1.1 (LE)

Eden Manor - a very atmospheric house designed specifically for alchemist hero.
๑۩ According to my concept, in the old days this house belonged to Potema Septim herself and was part of a wing of the palace, which, after the reign of Potema, was completely abandoned, and is now known as the Potema's Catacombs.
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Hall Of The Worm - Necromancer Home v2.1 (LE)

Hall Of The Worm - A very atmospheric house designed specifically for a necromancer hero. 
๑۩ Hall Of The Worm - is a fairly large hall and several rooms, including a beautiful room for the hero with many containers for storing items. According to the concept I conceived, the Hall Of The Worm location is a gathering place for a secret order of necromancers, I would even say that this is an elite among practitioners of the forbidden art. 

In the Hall Of The Worm, the necromancers are trying to get in touch with the Ideal Masters and make a pact with them. Once upon a time in the Hall Of The Worm there was a portal leading necromancers to the grim Planes of Oblivion, where Ideal Masters lived and willingly made a deal with necromancers, revealed to them the secrets of necromancy in exchange for the captive souls of mortals. But those days are long gone, and the portal has been destroyed. The current necromancers feel the power of this place and believe that through their black magic they will be able to restore their former connection with the Ideal Masters. (In future updates of the mod, I will increase the location with new rooms and develop this conceived plot.)

I remind you that to use this mod you will need 
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Improved Castle Volkihar v1.3 (LE)

๑۩ So, my new goal in creating atmospheric locations was the vanilla Castle Volkihar. I was always annoyed by the unkempt appearance of the castle, which in no way corresponded to such an ancient vampire clan. Yes, one can imagine such a picture that Lord Harkon simply fell into some kind of melancholy during such a long life that he completely ceased to be interested in the appearance of the castle. But he has such a large circle of subordinates. And surely there would be those vampires who wanted to ennoble the castle, plant plants, decorate rooms to emphasize all the greatness of the ancient clan! This mod just makes a number of such changes and as it is updated, I will improve the appearance of Castle Volkihar, add various structures, objects and possibly new premises, so that this castle will be a great place to live for any player who chooses the side of vampires.
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Lamia's House v2.3 (LE)

Atmospheric and cozy home for the vampire hero and his companions. This house will also be of interest to fans of virtual photography.
I continue to create houses for different classes of heroes, for a better immersion in the role of one or another hero. This time I decided to create an atmospheric home for a vampire hero. This house has all the crafting items, a lot of containers for storing items, an altar to Molag Bal, a refectory, a large hall for the comfortable accommodation of companions, etc... By inspiration, in new mod updates, I will improve this house by adding new specific structures and simply decorating it with various items. 
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Kingslayer Refuge v1.0 (LE)

๑۩ The Kingslayer Refuge is a grim refuge for a lone hero, good for assassins, mercenaries/bounty hunters. This mod will be of interest to both screenarchers and players looking for a comfortable home for a comfortable game.
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