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About the creator

The creator of PicX models and PicXer lora, and just a good guy. I don't hide my content behind a paywall, but by supporting me, you help me to release new models and update existing ones.
Hi! This is a mirror of my ko-fi for those who are more comfortable using boosty.

Subscription levels

Monthly support

$ 1,14 per month
Tier is for those who would just like to somehow support the release of new models.
You can be sure that any support is important, and I will be grateful for it. 

Monthly support +

$ 5,7 per month
Tier for those who want to show support and get something in return.
For the duration of the subscription, commercial use of any model from ko-fi shop is available on the same terms as when purchasing (make sure you read these terms carefully, for example, here - https://ko-fi.com/s/dca7005fc1).
I have certain skills in creating images, building workflows, merging models - you can ask me for advice in these areas (contact me via Telegram).
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