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Aug 26 09:58

Flight Name Correction Policy Of Southwest Airlines

On the off chance that you have booked a ticket from Southwest carriers yet, unintentionally, you have entered mistaken or wrong then, at that point, what ought to do? Simply become familiar with the beneath given Southwest Airlines Name Change rules and clear every one of the ideas of the name change measure.
You will address the name on the booked ticket of southwest aircrafts then, at that point, you need to observe the guidelines then, at that point, you might apply for the name change.
Travelers are not permitted to change their name on hold tickets of southwest carriers however there are a few conditions where travelers can change their name.
On account of juridical or legitimate name change like a marriage then, at that point, travelers are allowed to change their name.
Southwest can change the solitary family name on the booked ticket. On the off chance that, any traveler entered off-base or wrong name then, at that point, he/she drop their flight 24 hours before the booking or takeoff of the flight time and re-books similar trip for similar objections.
As per the Southwest Airlines Name Correction strategy, travelers can't change their name in the booked ticket yet, they can change their movement date, time, and flight change by means of Southwest carriers oversee booking office.
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