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Hello! Call me Froggo.
I am a digital artist. I do art commissions and also work on my original graphic novel.
Here on Boosty I will share early updates and exclusive content regarding my work on the novel with those who would like to support me :]
"Fa's Forest" is a pilot chapter/backstory for my graphic novel.
The graphic novel itself is a huge complicated project, so I decided to make a pilot chapter as a way to figure out all the technical and artistic means.
Besides, the main story still haven't found it's conclusion. It will take some time. Better for me to be ready.
"Fa's Forest" is more like a practice piece, but I hope to make it nice-looking and captivating :]
What is it about?
It is not easy for me to explain.
On the surface level, it may be about weird beings in a weird place. About Fa, a stranger who tries to find meaning and sense around, and change everything for the better.
It may be about unusual perception of the world. Or about being troublesome and lonely.
About what is expected and what is not.
"Fa's Forest" will have around 25-30 full-color double pages, with an intention to have it printed as a book one day (even if it will be just a few copies).
Status: working on the script and concept art
>> "Fa's Forest" page on my website: there you can find all art that has been published already.
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Sep 18 2022 14:35
Concept Art Pack #2
Large size artworks for "Fa's Forest”
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Sep 18 2022 14:23
Concept Art Pack #1
Large size artworks for "Fa's Forest"
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Jun 25 2022 11:07
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