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This is the project's tipjar. :) Thank you!

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Hi, I'm lostinlight, and this is the donation page for FediParty project.
The website provides a quick overview of most federating projects and helps novices get their bearings in Fediverse.
I have ideas for new services and features, but not enough motivation to make them happen. This tip jar was created in the hopes that extra funds will allow comissioning some tasks.
Subscription updates will appear later, if there're any subscibers :)

Fediparty website update, October 2023

Projects added to Software page:
- Mbin – a fork of kbin, community-focused;
- Messy – single user ActivityPub instance intended to add Fediverse compatibility to existing Django-based sites;
- SofaPub – a minimally functional ActivityPub implementation in Rust;
- Vidzy – federated alternative to TikTok;
- LibRate – libre media rating website for the Fediverse.
Projects added to Developer Tools page:
- GhostCMS ActivityPub – an ExpressJS server that integrates with GhostCMS webhooks to publish ActivityPub content on the Fediverse;
- Mobilizon Crossposter – a modular crossposter to bridge events from external sources to Mobilizon;
- M-OAuth – access token generator for Akkoma, Pleroma, Mastodon APIs;
- idkfa – proxy designed to consolidate multiple AP actors; it presents a single unified activity interface to the outside world, while communicating with a cornucopia of internal servers;
- Hatsu – self-hosted and fully automated ActivityPub bridge for static sites;
- Fedipage – Hugo based static page generator and blog with ActivityPub support;
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FediParty turns 5.

On November 26 / 2022 this project turned 5 years old. 
Five years of keeping up to date with all the diverse projects, big and small, that comprise our network. This was achieved in large part due to all your contributions and updates. Thanks to everyone who was and is part of it! 
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