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Books by A. R. Berg & Art by T. Berg.
The image of the samurai, those stoic warriors, is shrouded in mystery. Their tracks can easily vanish in the past or become obscured in the future, but stay firmly rooted in our minds and in reality as they fearlessly follow the Way of the Warrior beyond time and space.
The samurai spirit is still burning. Thousands of years from today the samurai might still be contemplating the Beauty of Eternity during tea ceremony or open their eyes wide and smile in their Zero fighters enveloped in flames. Are they ghosts of the past or messengers of the future? Who were these worshipers of beauty? These creators of an aesthete-murderer culture who lived on a razor’s edge and reveled in the taste of blood? Who were these valiant and virtuous warrior-philosophers who achieved ultimate freedom by rising above life and death?
Read about it in the Samurai Series.
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The Samurai Series: Ascension + Spirit of the Warrior
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