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BoasTools is an extension that extends the standard functionality. You can download it and use it for free.  
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Interactive BOM
There are features Add Nets, Show Values, custom colors and add custom component parameters. Created HTML will works offline without Altium Designer on any device.
You can assembly board, verify components, traces. All actions saves in cookies browser for history.
Trim Silkscreen
Removal of technologically unnecessary parts of silkscreen from the PCB. Such as inside the holes, inside the board cutouts, as well as at an adjustable distance from the solder mask layer. This function has the setting to remove thin necks of the silkscreen that are thinner than the specified thickness.
Copper balance
To align the copper balance on PCB, the selected polygons can be converted into a set of shapes distributed over the area of a given size and pitch between them. Available in square, round and rhombus shapes. This function has a setting to display only whole parts.
QR Encoder
On the silkscreen layers, you can place a ready-made QR code converted from the specified text. The panel has a real-time display of the code. The function supports QR, DataMatrix and Aztec code types, and you can also specify the size and inversion to insert on the PCB.

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2 layer level board

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4 layers level board

$ 5,9 per month
Middle layer support

12 layers level support

$ 9,5 per month
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