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Doris Hall

Quizzes for Girls: Assessing Your Personality

Teenage girls often take quizzes to assess different aspects of their lives and just to have fun. You find quizzes online or in teen magazines. Quizzes typically ask different custom writing questions to assess personality. Read these questions to get an idea of what you can expect from a quiz for girls.
Are You a Good Friend?
This type of quiz assesses your ability to be good support for your friends. What do you do if someone is spreading rumors about your friend? How do you react when your crush tells you that he likes your best friend? How do you respond when your crush wants to go out with you, but you already have plans with your friend? Expect to see these and more.
What Is Your Party Personality?
This quiz assesses what your personality is like when you are at a party. Are you a socialite, flitting about from conversation to conversation, or are you a wall flower? Do you approach your crush to talk to him or simply sneak glances from across the room? This type of quiz addresses introversion, extroversion and social anxiety.
What Is Your Love Personality?
A love personality quiz reveals what you are like when you have a crush. Expect to see questions asking about how you behave around boys. How do you like to spend an evening with your boyfriend? What do you say when you approach your crush at school? If you pay attention to quizzes like this one, you see your patterns of behavior. This allows you to pinpoint things to improve.
What Is Your Overall Personality?
This quiz has much more varied questions, which might include questions about friendship, partying and love but also other categories. For example, one of these quizzes asks what your favorite subject in school is or what your favorite sport is. Such a quiz also asks about your IQ and what stereotypical group best suits you. These questions seem random, but each has a purpose when it comes to your final quiz assessment.
Remember that each quiz for girls is slightly different, and some are better indicators of personality than others. Some are clearly just fun, but some are serious. If you really want to measure your personality, look for personality assessment tests on the Internet. Many are available at no cost. As a teen, know that you are still growing and changing; nothing is set in stone. Your results may vary over time.
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