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Unfortunately Boosty support is slowly fading, so I'm going to move to Hipolink (link below). This page will serve as a work in progress section where I will upload video progress for the projects I'm working on.
Hello >:3
I've been playing FFXIV for a several years now and after completing quite a lot of stuff I felt that it's time to do something interesting and creative. I still know very little about this art and learn a lot, so be patient if you are interested in my progress.
I do small VFX commissions, but don't ask me about separate modpack, because it takes several months to make D:
Why this platform? Since I live in Russia, that's the only platform not touched by sanctions.
1. If I don't answer to you, check your privacy settings.
2. If you haven't got sub role automatically, please dm me here or in discord.

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-Get access to demos before they added to a modpack(opens new discord tab)
-Get some personal adjustments for your character
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