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Dr Crimsontine Valejestic CSD

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Dr Crimsontine Valejestic CSD
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Full-Mouth Dental Implants; 🦷 Back teeth need replaced, $2.5k USD each, OR a better deal for ALL at $1.2k USD each, est. 🦷 So I need about -$40k USD
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Toyota 4Runner SUV 🚙 and DIY 8'x15' Wooden Houseboat 🚢 w/ a small cabin & deck atop for fishing & overnight boat camping ⚓ along the Tennessee River
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$5k+ USD, Custom PC Build w/ GeForce RTX 3080 Ti; 💻 As a content creator & NMS gamer, I'd like to transcend the universe in full VR & w/ max settings
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Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard, $4.7k USD; 🎹 Although a singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, I'm an improv pianist-keyboardist 1st
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Forbes Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Executive Chair (Tan); -$500 ×2 (for both me & my wife) = -$1k USD; 💺 Long-hour daily commuter, please
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Went to school; 🎓 Became a licensed Instructor Cosmetologist & certified Green Electronics Tech; Still got a $20k USD loan left until 100% debt-free

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Dr Crimsontine Valejestic CSD, Creative Director & Community Leader. 100% SFW (safe-for-work), Bonus Content & Member Access. Don't delay, come join here today!
❝I do not claim to be an expert at anything, but instead a learner at all things.❞ Dr Crim CSD, Cosmological Xeno-Astrophysicist specializing as an Autodidactic Polymath and Omnivert Empath.
Come learn more about me at Crimsontine.com. See Linktr.ee/Crimsontine for all my links, social media, merch and all numerous options, with multistreams, videos, art, music, outdoors, thought and gaming.
I'm a founding member of the Atlas CSD / ETARC forums, the ❛Official No Man's Sky Gaming Forums❜, and longtime Citizen Scientist for the Atlas Foundation's Citizen Science Division, in coordination with V/ARE Tech. Citizen Developer for the NMS Universe ft. 18 quintillion procedural planets. See Forums.atlas-65.com/u/Crimsontine.
Instructor Cosmetologist, Green Electronics Tech, Web Designer and Programmer, House Painter, and other madness, #NoPhD. Crimsontine™ ❛The Robot Dragon Bull❜™ Content ™/©/℗ Crimsontine ENT. All rights reserved.
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Special note to my chatty Human Test Subject and Person in Suit Levitating: See crimsontine.com/rules and live by them, or be devoured whole by these and more.

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🥼 Human Test Subject

$ 2,37 per month
You hereby grant Dr Crim CSD the exclusive rights to experiment upon said mind and heart, until there is no more want and need, and for as long as our contracts shall remain. Crim's laboratory: ACCESS GRANTED!
In other words...
You just came here to support, and yet you'll gain access to my journals, as well as private conversations, and with all other test subjects. Or, depending upon your chances of survival, see below for images, videos, streaming, anomalies and even sponsorships, if brave.

🌄 Achieving Ecø̈scopia

$ 6 per month
As part of my self awareness trials, I shall release an ongoing series of images. Depending on the direction of my studies, these may consist of selfies, landscapes, paintings, comics, graphics, advanced micro-mazes and all other unknown anomalies. Some creatures may not exactly be from these realities, so it is advised you not feed or touch these. Please also be advised that your experiences may achieve numerous mixed emotions, so just relax and let it flow. Caution: Results will be permanent.

🌌 Wajestic O dysseuW

$ 11,9 per month
Capable subjects that survive their initial examinations, will be further subjected to behind-the-scenes videos and virtual meetups, usually in groups but maybe one-on-one. Please note that it is OK to address the doctor as 'Dude-Man,' but not the other way around. And be absolute certain to follow the chat rules, as failure to comply may result in sentient extermination. Thank you for your services, Dreamer. You may now retain your life. Use the provided bag, and we’ll analyze your mutations.

🕴 Person in Suit Levitating

$ 431 per month
You say, "I'll sacrifice myself to The Robot Dragon Bull!" One question: Why? We’ll do everything we can to revive you. But this is wildly insane and highly experimental, few have tried. Of course, that also means that few have failed. But legend has it that nobody has yet succeeded. Or well uh, there was that one time, through the use of ecø̈vooo, which resulted in only 'nature' knows what. Your name &/or company will be immortalized into almost every video and social platform on my Linktree.
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