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Early Access Chapters for Boosty/Patreon

Starting from August, I will post early access chapters on Boosty/Patreon. One-time payment feature is available for Boosty users who don't like to use monthly payment.
For the time being, I will post Sextop Watch weekly, and yes, it shall be always on par with latest korean chapter release. And more series will come in the future.
The format will be images, being stored within archived files (.zip/.rar).
And the tier with access will be The Trancended ($4.5 per month) or above. Boosty users can also use one-time payment.
I will be thinking of a way to deliver contents on Ko-fi if people want.
Thanks for your support!

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The Transcended

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Get yourself The Transcended role in our discord server. From this tier upward, people will have access to novel translation.
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The Immortal

$ 6,6 per month
Get yourself The Immortal role in our discord server. This tier is for people who want to support us some more. From this tier forward, people will have access to downloadable chapters (image format).
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God of Degeneration

$ 8,8 per month
Get yourself God of Degeneration role in my discord server. With this tier you will be able to request us translation for japanese doujins that you want.
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