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Hello Russian learner!
This is Comprehensible Russian, I am Inna and I create super easy to understand videos on various topics entirely in Russian brought down to the learners' level, for learning the language naturally.
My videos provide mass listening experience to real Russian speech made comprehensible with the help of drawings, pictures, gestures and realia and mainly tell about Russia but not only.

​I would like you, the Russian learners, to discover new amazing things about Russian culture, society, art, movies, music, history and life acquiring living Russian language naturally at the same time.
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Jan 25 14:28
Dostoevsky's Women. 39 min
Love stories, marriages and kids of Dostoevsky
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Jan 25 14:09
Bad Blood Between Turgenev And Dostoevsky. 36 min
What was wrong between the two great Russian writers?
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Dec 24 2020 13:00
Herring Under A Fur Coat - Must-Have on a New Year Table. 50 min
Fish - good! Potato - good! Beetroot - good! Take a look at my kitchen and learn how to make a royal fish salad to eat with vodka.
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Dec 10 2020 13:00
New Year Celebration In Russia. 75 min
How to get presents from the Russian Santa and celebrate New Year with Russians?
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Nov 26 2020 13:00
Neighbours' House Raid. Personal Story. 35 min
How my parents had some fun taking part in a neighbours' country house raid.
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Nov 12 2020 14:38
Moscow - Vladivostok. Personal Story. 50 min
Tips on where to buy inexpensive red caviar on the way from Moscow to Vladivostok. Seven days on a Trans-Siberian train.
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Nov 05 2020 17:48
Soviet Animated Hippie Musical The Bremen Town Musicians. 61 min
Soviet virtual Hippie band "The Bremen Town Musicians" as an injection of Western liberty spirit
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Oct 29 2020 13:23
Soviet Winnie-the-Pooh: a Poet and a Honey Addict. 55 min
A bear deserving an Oscar. A character who's quoted by millions of Russians from 1 to 99 y.o. A poet and honey addict. Meet Soviet Winnie.
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Oct 22 2020 12:45
Soviet Super Star of Animation: Cheburashka. 55 min
Hero of several generations, symbol of Russian Olympic team, space traveler and a favourite in Japan.
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Oct 16 2020 12:51
Russianalyse Nu Pogodi (Soviet Tom & Jerry). 56 min
Decoding a Soviet cartoon series to take a look at life under Brezhnev and its changes after Perestroika

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