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Company of Heroes: Band of Brothers Company of Heroes Free Download is a strategy video game set in the backdrop of World War II. Developed by the Canadian studio Relic Entertainment, with Joshua Mosqueira as the chief designer and Drew Dunlop as the lead programmer, it was globally released in September 2006 for THQ.
The game's action unfolds during Operation Overlord, spanning from June to August 1944. The solo campaign allows players to take command of two American companies engaged in combat against French forces aligned with the Wehrmacht. The central narrative revolves around the relationship between the company commander, Captain Sam McKay, his subordinate Sergeant Joe Conti, and the gameplay incorporates events from the landing on the "Omaha" beach to the Battle of Falaise.
Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game emphasizing resource accumulation through supply line maintenance. Resources acquired support base expansion, individual training, and deployment into battle. Game mechanics include the ability to use the terrain for cover, soldiers gaining experience during battle, and the utilization of military doctrines for strategic specialization. In multiplayer mode, players can control both US Army and Wehrmacht forces, each offering different playing styles.
Critics in the computer gaming community enthusiastically received Company of Heroes, praising its fixtures, audiovisual play ability, and its unique strategic approach to World War II clashes, vividly depicting the brutality of war. The game received the title of the Strategic Computer Game of the Year from the American Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. These accolades led to the development of two viable expansions: Band of Brothers: On the Front Line (2007) and Band of Brothers: Glory to the Heroes (2008). In 2013, a sequel titled Company of Heroes 2 was released, focusing on the Eastern Front.
The solo campaign of Company of Heroes: Band of Brothers is set during World War II and depicts the actions of US troops during Operation Overlord, specifically between June and August 1944. Players assume control of two companies, "Able" of the 29th Infantry Division and "Fox" of the 506th Parachute Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. The narrative primarily follows the story of Company of Heroes.
On June 6th, 1944, during the Normandy landing, Captain Sam MacKay, Sergeant Joe Conti, and other soldiers from Company "Able" execute a landing on the "Omaha" beach. Despite the intense fire and challenges, they strive to reach the dikes, detonate the bunker, eliminate the gun crew, and destroy it.
Before the Normandy landing, during a chaotic parachute drop near the village of Vierville, soldiers from Company "Fox" regroup and block the German supply line, aiding the defenders of the "Omaha" and "Utah" beaches. After disrupting the supply convoy, they move towards the town of Carentan to secure the connection between the beaches. Facing stiff resistance, German soldiers are compelled to retreat, and an American paratrooper violently reacts against some refugees. Company "Fox" prepares to defend the city, and German forces are halted by the arrival of Company "Able."
Both American companies advance towards the town of Cherbourg to protect the port. Montebourg repels an attack near the Panzer Lehr Division, guarding a convoy crossing the Red Ball Express. Captain Joseph Günter Schultz, seeking revenge, directs an attack that is observed by MacKay and Conti celebrating their success. Meanwhile, Company "Able" is tasked with securing the central part of Cherbourg. By bombing coastal defenses from the USS "Texas," US soldiers manage to force the surrender of the German defenders. Despite the city's unsuitability as a port due to destruction, captured documents reveal the secret V2 missile base's location in the village of Sottevast, leading parachute forces to invade and destroy the missile base.
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