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Designer & developer.
Exploring the world wide web in search of creating new things.

I'm now on Boosty!

Over the years, I've grown a multicultural and diverse audience, with people coming to my streams and projects from India, Germany, the UK and more... Though, among all countries, one stood out particularly: Russia.
I have made a few Russian friends on Discord, hosted events with the Ruchat neighbor server, and so much more. As I'd like to earn more to host bigger scale projects (like Habile Chat powered by GPT-4, which is paid), I've decided to diversify my sources of revenue by opening up a Boosty account!
This account will receive the same items and posts as on my Ko-fi, but inhabitants of the Russian Federation will now be able to support me financially while the war rages on and prevents most connections to the Western banking system.
I sincerely hope you guys continue to support me as I continue to deliver the majority of my projects, free for everyone!

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Thank you!

$ 0,56 per month
This tier is mostly just a way to support me while I give nothing of value in return. Well, you get:
- A huge thank you from me :)
- A way for me to finance my future apps (hosting, 3rd party services, etc)
- Your username in upcoming and future projects
- A permanent "Supporters" role on my Discord server
- A permanent "Supporter" badge on clembs.com Comments
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