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We Are a Pro in the Online Canadian Gambling Industry
We are a young Artificial intelligence Based iGaming startup with a highly
experienced team. Most of our staff have been working in the iGaming
industry for over a decade. Our goal is to provide world-class analysis
of online casino brands as well as products they offer on the Canadian
market. Our experts manually check each brand to produce detailed
reviews and highlight the best online casinos for Canadian players.

(Podcast) Why Are Famous Mathematicians Not The Richest Gamblers?

If you want to read the text of the podcast you can find it here — https://casinovalley.ca/facts/why-famous-mathematicians-not-the-richest-gamblers/
the scene: Galileo, a true polymath and titan of science, sits in Monte
Carlo, that most glamorous of gambling venues. But today, he isn’t
contemplating the spinning of the planets. Instead, his gaze is
concentrated on a smaller spinning object: a roulette wheel. 
it’s an unlikely scenario, but there’s a real question here. Let’s put
it another way: if gaming is all about probability, why aren’t all
mathematicians insanely wealthy? There are plenty of theories as to why
expertize in math doesn’t necessarily make for gambling riches, but here
are three possibilities: firstly, we might – just might – win big at
the casino, but we can’t escape our psychology. Secondly, it takes money
to make money. And sometimes – just sometimes – there are more
important things than cash. 
Please take the time to listen to our podcast because it's worth it!

If you are interested in making money from gambling, I am sure it will always be relevant. I myself have been successfully earning by playing various games for several years now and enjoy it. However, in order to enjoy the game and get a good income, it is important to choose reliable and trusted sites. My recommendation is to pay attention to the new resource online casino tivit https://tivit-bet.com/. Here you will find a variety of games and high payouts. Try it and see for yourself that gambling can become your new source of income!

(Podcast) Top 7 Quick and Effective Ways to Calm a Gambler's Nerves

If you want to read the text of the podcast you can find it here — https://casinovalley.ca/tips/use-these-methods-to-quickly-calm-your-nerves/
nothing like the rush of playing in the online casino like slots,
roulette, and all of the table games offer a big high. However,
sometimes this popular pastime can lead to overheating of the mind when
you get a little too involved. 
That’s especially the case when
you lose your bets as emotions can get the better of you. It’s important
to be mindful of that because the stress of the situation can sometimes
lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, or even some other bad maladies. 
Please take the time to listen to our podcast because it's worth it!
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I see casino advertisements everywhere, but never before has such advertising been adequate and offered really good opportunities for players to prove themselves and try their luck. But I found a bunch of games, here they are, where luck is not needed. You need to develop your game strategy and if you stick to it, then everything will work in your favor. What kind of players do you consider yourself to be? Who use intuition or reason?
Thank you!

10 Steps to Become a Better Online Casino Player on the Slots (PDF)

It can be a steep and dispiriting learning curve when you first play on
the slots – frequent mistakes, lots of losses, and a pretty negative
experience. The good news is, we’ve made a special step-by-step plan –
consisting of only 10 steps – to help you lose less and win more often.
Follow the instructions below, and soon you’ll be able to choose slots
with confidence and play like a pro. Better gaming sessions, more
choice, a better chance of winning – and a lot more fun!
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the concept of "gambling systems" and strategies.Discusses the role
of peer pressure in gambling.고래볼
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