BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova
BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova
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I can translate my patterns much faster with your help♥

Patterns In Eng (US terms) | #about_pattern

Here are the description posts with all 7 patterns in Eng by BulavkaCrochet.
Tap the pattern you like to find out its features, skill level and materials needed. Also you can tap the active link inside the description post to purchase the pattern.
AFTER PAYMENT see the post you've paid - there's the file with pattern, just tap the download button to get it. 
how can I purchase? Thanks
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Dave Olszewski, click on button "pay" on any post with the pattern you want to buy
BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova, it's not showing up for me the pay. Sorry
it's not show me pay.
Dave Olszewski, saw you've bought the meditation bag pattern, do you still need any help?
BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova, I'm all set. thanks

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