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We make Ball Jointed Dolls ( ´ ˘ `)/♡
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Here is the MSD assembly video)
This is my first attempt at a tutorial video, I only used tools available in any home, and I have a tripod standing between me and the doll, so it is clumsy =) but I think it is clear enough.) I do not like talking on recording, so only ASMR sounds on the video, and here is the comments:
🌷 I used 42 cm elastic for the hands, I would say it is optimal and does not need to be tighter, and 53 for the legs, if you like your dolls tight it could be shorter. It only applies to 2mm the elastic I am sending out with the assembly kits, different will have different elasticity and the length will need to be adjusted. 
🌷 all the Left parts are marker with letter L on the inside, I am pointing to it in the video. Even if it is partially sanded off you can still make it out on all the parts, if there is a partial imprint - it is left (her left, so your right if she is facing you).
Comment if you have any questions. <3
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