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just a lil dumbass
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I would be surprised if anyone even subscribed
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im insane
If just 600 people will buy this I can get myself a gaming laptop. (if you want to donate more then just tip me)
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If you feel generous enough to give me a dollar every month, this is perfect for you 🗣️🥶

All my basic needs

$ 1,55 per month
Just pay off my main stuff like hosting and additional subs like xbox gamepass

Own website / Свой сайт

$ 1,66 per month
Before purchasing, chat me on tg (@belkaboi) or discord (BelkaBoi).
I will build a website and host it for you until you unsub.
Перед покупкой напишите мне в тг (@belkaboi) или дискорд (BelkaBoi) для согласования.
Я построю для вас сайт и буду хостить его пока вы не отпишитесь.
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