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Is creating comics & art about a hairy chub bears
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Ради стабильности и развития.

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So… what’s going on here?
We are a creative studio, art-label BedtimeStories18.Art, represented by two guys JimHookins and Mike, known as ap6y3chub (watermelon). Here you will find exclusive art content that is not available on public pages.
As you can see, Jim’s work in a theme about big guys like a hairy chubby bear gay or a muscle chub gay. We love the body aesthetics of these hefty guys, and we are one of them.
But what is even more interesting is the storylines. They are like a bedtime story, stunning and frightening and, of course, sexy and full of passion. You have hardly seen anything like this anywhere else. And it definitely won’t be boring! 
Welcome if you are one of us or a chaser.
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Jun 21 23:24
Это короткая история без длительных прелюдий, главный персонж здесь большой крупный медведь в рассвете сил. Комиксо в формате PDF.
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Jun 09 18:37
"A Compliment From The Chef" 7- 8 [mini comics] EN
A burly, chubby boar-guy has been turned into….. into something, according to Chef Elemental, unique and especially desirable.
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Apr 19 00:56
"A Compliment From The Chef" 5- 6 [mini comics] EN
Meet 5-6 pages of the mini-comic. Yes, yes, I know you've been waiting for this for too long, but we're trying.
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Mar 16 16:54
Задумчивый персонаж Джима [арт]
Немного задумчивый и печальный образ персонажа Джима и наш кот Шифу.
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Mar 16 16:34
Jim's brooding character [art]
A slightly pensive and sad image of Jim Hookins character and our cat Shifu.
Available to everyone
Jul 31 2021 17:07
Presentation of the cover of the comic "In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle"
Hooray! Finally we waited. Meet the cover - the beginning of the second part of the comic "Prescription BBQ from Mr. Laam" this part is called - "In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle". The plot takes on unexpected forms and even the cover itself raises many questions - what the hell ?! What's happening?
You will learn about all this by exploring the second volume of the comic. I promise it will be interesting and hot. The second volume is more provocative, and we go even further beyond the boundaries of normalcy by telling you fairy tales at night.
And the most important thing! Remember - by supporting us on Patreon you give life and development to this project. The more regular patrons we have, the more time we can devote to creativity and comics. After all, comics are a more complex level of creativity than just art.
We will try to adhere to the usual publication scheme, but from time to time, between the publication of a new page, art will be released, making a short pause and adding variety.
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Apr 19 2021 01:28
The Red Room for detective Ragn Holdor [art]
The situation with the character - detective Ragn Holdor. Short story with art accompaniment.
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Apr 04 2021 03:54
Porky titbit [art]
Wealthy gentlemen in the shadows have special tastes that they would not want to make public. This is a closed secret society.
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Mar 29 2021 23:22
Playful Milkman [art]
You have already seen this character as Santa. But now Christmas has passed, and he will appear before you without a masquerade.
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Feb 26 2021 17:00
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen [art]
This chubby daddy had bright red hair and curvaceous figure, and a deep bass voice. Real hog. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

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