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I am well-educated and trendy top class model.
Riddhi Jain

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I am well-educated and trendy top class models in India. I am part of
India Modelling Agency, so I provide an affordable in call and outcall dating
service for gentlemen.

Enjoy and fun with our best models.

Relationships take work, but making
an effort doesn’t have to be a drag.
Inject some imaginative and goofy play into your lovemaking routine by following these tips from real
North Shore women — all of whom have sworn me to secrecy about their identities.
Many couples only feel truly uninhibited in a hotel room or when their kids are out of the house, but the truth is, adult play dates are easiest to schedule at home in the evening. So before
the games begin, make sure you have a decent lock on your bedroom door so you can get silly without worrying about
1. Go on the Prowl
Make a regular date night extra exciting by letting your
inner bad girl run the show. Get a bikini wax and a manicure in a deep, vampy
shade. Send a risqué text or email to your mate early in the day, wear slinky lingerie to dinner, give him a peek at unexpectedly bare thighs
over stockings, or hand him your panties on the way back from the restroom.
It’s so wanton and unladylike, he’ll love it — and according to my seductive sources, you will too.
2. Hello, Stranger
A friend and her husband often use role-play to get in the mood. At bedtime she might say to her man, “Hey
Mister, you look like a guy who has a hot wife.” Then he’ll look her up and
down and say, “I do have a hot wife, but she’s not as hot as you.” Then the two
strangers” go on to have a passionate night. To heighten the illusion of newness,
create a sexy scenario and dress the part — a blonde wig, cowboy hat, pirate eye patch,
tall boots, whatever. If it doesn’t turn you on, at least you’ll share a good laugh.
3. Sweet Treats
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