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I'm a professional illustrator and concept artist fascinated with mixing fashion, erotic and fetish drawings. I will mostly be focusing on medical casts, erotics and sex poses, here and there you'll see some bondage and fashion bondage.

I have recurring characters that will be shown in different situations with complex line art. They will be available for download along with fashion-like colored pages with various themes. A lot of pages will include sexual themes and nudity.

Explore your fetishes and thoughts even further than before via art without holding anything back. Get unique hi-res drawings – sketches, line art, colored.
And help me do even more art!

Check more of my recent works on Instagram and DeviantArt pages.
My patreon page for those, who prefer it.
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Sep 27 00:41
She's enjoying the view so you can enjoy another view ;)
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Sep 09 23:38
Big Fashion Series volume4 – Bright Black
New big part of my fashion series.
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Aug 31 16:26
Rhele and Xeneth – hospital scene
Updated version for Boosty :)
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Aug 30 02:44
Big Fashion Series – Bright Black (part1)
This is the most recent content post on from my patreon page.
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Aug 30 02:40
Big Fashion Series – Night Party (full)
Posts here will be slightly different from patreon, but I'm going to add a lot of content from there in the next months.
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Aug 30 02:33
Red Light
2 points for this account here:
– Archive of my works, in case something happens to my patreon
– Comissions, cause I can't receive PayPal for now

Anyway, enjoy a new girl.
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