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Brush holder box Opel Easytronic, Ford Durashift, Honda I-shift 2PCS

Opel Easytronic gear carbon brushes replacement

The most common problem with Opel Easytronic, Ford Durashift EST and Honda I-Shift robotic gears occurs when the Latin letter “F” lights up on the dashboard, the box is in emergency mode and the car doesn't start. Connect a diagnostic scanner and read the error codes of the gearbox control module. In our case, there is one error: P1607-00 - malfunction of the actuator clutch. 
To access the block and download the pumping of the battery brake system, remove it.
Further, all the work on the main machines. Drain the brake fluid, remove the brake pipe, unscrew the 4 block bolts to the box and remove the block itself.
To remove the block, you need two electronic connectors, remove the brake fluid pipe and the pipe to the release bearing, unscrew the four bolts securing the block and remove it. The motor is under the cover. It is necessary to remove the bracket for mounting the motor housing and remove the magnet.
We removed the cover, we see the anchor with the commutator, and closing the brush to it. In our case, the left brush immediately does not fit snugly against the commutator, therefore the control unit does not see the armature rotation resistance, and an error pops up due to an open circuit in the electric motor.
We will change the brushes and clean the commutator. Be sure to check the bearing. if it does not run well and jams, it must be replaced.
To replace the brushes, the insulators covering them must be removed. The insulators are soldered, and after replacement they need to be soldered back into place.
After removing the insulators, brush holders and guides are visible, which include springs and brushes.
Move the brush from the holder of the brush assembly.
Put new brushes and clean the commutator from dust, because dust is a conductor, due to which the commutator will provide additional resistance to the transistors of the control unit. It is also necessary to remove plaque and scratches from the commutator, for this we use scotch brite, not sandpaper, because it is too aggressive.
After assembling the block, it is necessary to install, pump its brake fluid and set up adaptation.
  This manual is taken from the Youtube channel AUTOGLAVSNAB, where you can watch the detailed video with the repair of this unit. The video is in russian, but you can use your native subtitles. And in our store you can purchase repair kits for block repair: Opel EasytronicFord Durashift EST and Honda I-Shift, as well as individual components for these blocks, such as: copper-graphite carbon brushes 6-6-10 mmNSK 608ZZ bearings ( 8-22-7 mm) and transistors for the control unit.  

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