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Brush holder box Opel Easytronic, Ford Durashift, Honda I-shift 2PCS

Opel Easytronic gearbox

       Opel Easytronic is an automatic transmission that is designed for Opel cars, its analogues are boxes such as: Ford Durashift EST ASM, designed for Ford cars, and i-Shift Honda Civic 5D, designed for Honda Civic cars. This transmission has been designed to make driving easier and reduce driver fatigue. One of the features of the Opel Easytronic is the ability to shift gears in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. In automatic mode, the system itself determines the required gear, depending on the vehicle speed and driving mode. In semi-automatic mode, the driver can independently select the desired gear using the gear lever on the steering column. 
      One of the main advantages of Opel Easytronic is fuel economy. This gearbox reduces fuel consumption by using the engine more efficiently. It is also important to note that the Opel Easytronic is a more reliable and durable gearbox than other systems. However, like any technology, Opel Easytronic has its drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is the relatively slow speed of shifting in automatic mode, which can lead to the need for more frequent shifting in city traffic. Also, Opel Easytronic is more difficult to maintain and repair than conventional manual transmissions. The main components of Opel Easytronic are: clutch, manual transmission and electronic control unit.
      The clutch in this gearbox does not require the use of a pedal, as it is controlled by an electronic control unit. The manual transmission has six gears and provides smoother shifting thanks to the use of electronics. The electronic control unit is a key component of the Opel Easytronic, it controls the operation of the clutch, gear shifting and other functions of the box. Electronics allows you to automatically determine the speed of the car and select the most suitable gear for economical and comfortable driving. In general, Opel Easytronic is a high-quality and modern technology that allows you to drive a car with maximum comfort and economy. 
      However, like any technology, Opel Easytronic has its drawbacks, for example, it does not always change gears quickly and accurately in automatic mode, and repair of the clutch or electronics may be required. The most common problem that motorists contact the service with is the wear of copper-graphite brushes in the motors of the box, there are 3 motors in total, and all have brushes of the same size: 6x6x10mm. The bearing may also need to be replaced. Much less often, but there is also a breakdown of the control unit, in particular, transistors and microcircuits can burn out in it. Usually, this is visible to the naked eye, but sometimes it may be necessary to ring the transistors in order to identify faulty ones.
      Our store offers high-quality repair kits for the restoration of boxes: Opel EasytronicFord Durashift EST ASM and i-Shift HondaCivic 5D. These repair kits cope with their task in most cases when it is necessary to replace these particular parts. Also, you can purchase any of these components separately: brushes, or bearings.

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