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Aleksandr Filinkov

I'm an artist/designer, that's how I see it! :)
Aleksandr Filinkov

About the creator

My name is Alexander Filinkov and I love TTRPG just like you do.
I have been playing various board games since I was a child and I have always found this activity very exciting, After discovering the world of D&D and Pathfinder and immersing myself in it, I decided that I wanted to create some game content myself.
As not only a board game enthusiast, but also a professional designer, artist and animator, I put all my experience into creating quality content. With the support of the gaming community, which includes players and masters, and having received valuable advice and comments from them, I began to create new unique content for all of us TTRPG lovers from all over the world.

DnD Emoji for Discord

Bring the excitement of rolling dice in your Dungeons & Dragons adventures straight to your chat with these custom DnD emojis.
With a variety of colorful and intricately designed dice our emoji pack has everything you need to express the thrill of your tabletop gaming sessions. Whether you're celebrating a critical hit, lamenting a fumbled roll, or simply adding some thematic flair to your messages, these emojis are perfect for any DnD enthusiast.
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DnD Dices - Stickers for Telegram

Perfect for dungeon masters, players or anyone who loves the world of fantasy and adventure. 
Whether you're trying to plan your next campaign or just chatting with friends, these stickers are sure to get the message across. Each sticker is full of color and detail, bringing your favorite DnD dice to life on your phone screen.
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Chaotic Dumbs - New DnD Stickers for Telegram

Introducing the latest addition to the world of Telegram stickers - Chaotic Dumbs!
Our new sticker pack features a collection of adorable and mischievous goblins that are sure to add a playful and fun touch to your daily conversations.
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Fast Dungeon Builder
Our dungeon builder brings a fresh and exciting element to your game, ensuring that no two dungeons are ever the same.
Level required:
Loving fans
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Ungulates - Animal/Familiar DnD token set.
344 animal/familiar tokens for your online games: ungulates.
Level required:
New fans
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Cetaceans - Animal/Familiar DnD token set.
116 animal/familiar tokens for your online games: cetaceans.
Level required:
New fans
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Pinnipeds - Animal/Familiar DnD token set.
128 animal/familiar tokens for your online games: pinnipeds.
Level required:
New fans

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