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Hoooray! Thank you! I will work more hard!
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It is for commissions :3

About the creator

I am a RUSSIAN newbie writer of different kinky things (ftf, ftm). English is not my mother tongue, but I am trying to improve my skills) Preferable topics: skinsuit, zentai, mask, bodysuit, suiting, disguise, breathplay, takedowns.
If you want take a commission - note me! Anywhere you can find me!
You can also find me on CHYOA||PIXIV||DA
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Infiltrate the factory

Story about man that infiltrate factory full of kigurumi dolls. I wanted write the sequence where MC is female to make some disguise.
I wrote it while I had 38C temperature XD
It's not proofreaded so... sorry)
Infiltrate the factory.pdf284.50 KbDownload
Infiltrate the factory.docx23.98 KbDownload

Night stalker 2

There is continuation. 
Okay this is the last story for helloween, birthday and etc. Will see in next 2 months :D
Night stalker.pdf181.20 KbDownload
Night stalker 2.pdf307.52 KbDownload
I'm not going to beat around the bush. If you look at it from the perspective of a bad ending, the story ends right there.
Otherwise, May is going to have a confrontation with the Queen. It would be interesting to see how you think she could do that. Then maybe I'll even include a poll if there are enough ideas.
Wooo! Part 3 when? ExplodingHead

Resident Evil

Tag: suiting, masking, maiden outfit
Let's say it's another story for halloween + birthday gift
I was inspired some time ago by picture in the doc. 
Resident Evil.pdf597.23 KbDownload
Resident Evil.docx2.97 MbDownload

Jackpot box (halloween story?)

Tags: suiting, dollsuit, mask, female combatant, zentai, forced transformation, corrupted.
Proofreaded by Timper. Big thanks to make it more English!
It's just a story that I +- finished until halloween, so here we go. I will definitely add 2-3 ending later. Story about Alice, her friends and cheap dollsuits of some organizations. What could go wrong if you want make money and have fun?
Jackpot box.pdf252.16 KbDownload
Jackpot box.docx32.12 KbDownload
btw my birthday is 30.10. Just for those who interested in :D

Succubus skin part 6 (last part for now)

Sorry for waiting, there is the last part of succubus skin for you.
Big thanks to Timper (Ayaka?) for proofreading! Know your hero in the face
Succubus skinsuit.pdf430.05 KbDownload
Succubus_skinsuit_boosty.docx594.94 KbDownload


🚫PLEASE CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS!🚫 I can't turn it off while someone has one. People who donate me more than 1 month will receive story firstly!
Family issues, have to work harder on my new work. 
I won't be able to update often and still charge money for it, it's been a hobby and will remain so for now.
Stay here for free, I will be adding content here for free for everyone! Those who volunteer to support me with coin are welcome! It's a pleasure, but I won't update more often! I physically can't do it 😁
There I'll mostly be accepting payment for commissions.
Good luck everyone and thanks for support! I'm not dying or giving up on it. It's just that updates will be infrequent, like once a month.

Interesting finding 4

Oh she founds someone for her research
Interesting finding (suiting, combatant).pdf350.62 KbDownload
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Solid continuation!

Night stalker part 1

I forgot to upload this work here. Female cop investigates an incident involving missing girls and gets on the trail of one of the maniacs. But her curiosity overrides her common sense.

Sorry, I'm loaded with a bit of work, so I can't write much right now.
Night stalker.docx32.78 KbDownload
Night stalker.pdf181.20 KbDownload
One of my all time faves
Interesting finding 3
Marie starts to act strange, but her Love is strong
Level required:
Kind person

Story Exchange in our Discord

It was story for Moby! Story about girl that has to wear male orca suit
Exchange story Moby.docx283.41 KbDownload
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