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Hola gente! My name is Dennis.☺️I am from Latin America. I'm a Spanish teacher, YouTuber and Podcaster. My native language is Spanish, I also speak English, Russian, Italian and a little bit of Portuguese. I started this Spanish with Dennis project because I want to help people improve their Spanish. I know there are a lot of people who are interested in this beautiful language and I love creating podcasts and interesting content for learning Spanish. Also because I am in love with languages and cultures. I promise that you will also learn a lot about the culture, history, traditions and many other wonderful things about Latin America or Spain. I hope to share with you all my love for the Spanish language and our culture. All the content of this channel will be very useful to you.🤓
My YouTube Channel:
Spanish with Dennis
Испанский с Деннисом
My podcasts:
1-Comprehensible Spanish Language
2-Crazy Stories in Spanish
3-Slow Spanish Language
4-TPRS Spanish Stories
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