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Do's and Don'ts of Writing a Book Report - 2022 Guide

Before starting to write a book report, one thing that you
should keep in consideration is that a book report is different from a book
review. Often students ignore this aspect and the outcome is a less convincing
book report and thus fail in gaining academic
. Before writing the book report, it is desired to not rush
writing and take some time to go through the do’s and don’ts. If you would ignore
this aspect then the most likely outcome is that you would not be able to write
a balanced and coherent report.
Book report does not just start with writing, rather the
time of reading the book is also part of it. Often it happens that students
want to write a book report and while considering it as an easy task, they take
it for granted, and when they write they are stuck in just one or two
paragraphs. So, while reading a book, make small notes of the main ideas. All
those ideas that are considered pros or cons should be written on separate
notes. Once you do this practice, till the completion of the book you would
have ample material to discuss in the book report.
Before writing a report, revise those notes that are
separately written by you. By doing so, you will have an entire summary of the
book in just a few pages. You would not miss the major ideas in the report if
you follow this tip.
In book writing, the very first thing that you should avoid
is spending time on writing a detailed summary. Summary of the book and plot is
not required in the report. Its importance is just limited to a few lines. The
summary should be very brief where the primary focus should be on characters,
questions, and the content.
In the report, make sure that your focus is on critical
analysis. Your input and perception are required in this type of writing. 
You have to critically analyze the arguments. If you agree with some stance
then you should provide the reason and if you disagree then come up with ideas that
can put weightage on your argument. Every idea must be supported with relevant
examples. If you feel that there is an argument of the author about whom you
have relatively limited knowledge then do not indulge in countering such an
While writing your arguments, either in support or
opposition, make sure that the arguments are written separately and do not
overlap.  Overlapping of arguments would spoil your entire report
irrespective of your critical analysis skills.  An essay writer from SharkPapers can better manage this aspect
because they have to write so extensively that this is not a bothering element
for them.
In a book report, you have to write in such a way that you
can describe how the book was influential enough to make you think
differently.  This aspect would not only depict your skills but would also
leave a curiosity among the readers to read the book.
Do not waste time and word count on describing whether you
enjoyed the text or not; however, you can write in the context of the reader
that how the reading of this book would result in joy for them. Writing academic papers is a common
practice but book reports are written in relatively lesser numbers so they
require more attention.  
If a writer is not able to understand what the do’s and
don'ts are in a book report then your effort of reading the book with
dedication cannot yield the desired outcomes for you. Until and unless you
consider all these aspects, the most likely outcome is that your report would
have certain flaws so make sure to plug all the shortcomings in the book
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