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Sport. Ballet. Stage. Backstage.
Evgeny Matveev
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Photography is a rather expensive form of creativity. Equipment and time are very expens... I would really like to shoot more, and not look for money.
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Preview for "08. Studio shot of a gymnast. Olga in a blue metallic leotard part 01 (44 photos)".

Fantastic great studio set, Evgeny. Hope to see more of Olga and metallic leotards in the future. Keep up the great work!
10 july 00:08
timebot702, Thank you! Next week will be continue!
10 july 01:33
Evgeny Matveev, excellent news! The metallic leotard is truly beautiful, as is Olga! спасибо-ты очень!
10 july 01:53
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