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Creating Hap video playback plugin for vvvv
Lev Panov
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About the creator

Hello vvvv community!
My name is Lev and I'm the developer of Demolition Media Hap − GPU video playback plugin for vvvv and Unity.
Here you can download latest plugin updates and fixes and also get the license subscription for the commercial projects you're doing with it.

I really appreciate your support, because I can keep on doing fixes and improvements that way.

Features available only for patrons (compared to publicly available versions):
— Frame based playback suitable for advanced usage scenarios and network synced playback
— Performance optimizations (40-50% speedup for large videos and 15-20% for videos of near-FullHD sizes)
— HAP HDR format support − play 16-bit per color component floating point HDR videos. Ideal for playing things like 10-bit color depth footage. Or playing encoded ambient occlusion/arbitrary data
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Here will be photos, videos, audio tracks from the posts of the creator

Subscription levels

Individual (vvvv beta)

$ 12 per month

Individual (vvvv beta + gamma)

$ 22,4 per month

Individual (beta + gamma) frame based

$ 38 per month

Company (vvvv beta)

$ 68 per month

Company (vvvv beta + gamma)

$ 105 per month

Company (beta + gamma) frame based

$ 149 per month
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