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About the creator

Marina Ivkina and Olga Lavochkina - the creators of the FILM club.
FILM club is a unique place to learn Russian in a pleasant cinema atmosphere.
📌 FILM. Modern Russian film without subtitles. A film with current stories and issues, real living language. We choose only modern films. Films are light, with humor. The films show modern Russia and how Russians live, what problems they have, what joys...
📌 CHAT. Communication with native speakers and like-minded people who, like you, love and study Russian. Chatting is easy and relaxed. We mark some important moments of the film, ask you questions to better understand the idea and plot.
📌 ONLINE MEETING. Every week we get together and discuss all the important and unimportant moments of the film. This live communication is only in Russian. At the meeting, you actively speak Russian. But this is not only a conversation, this is a mini-lesson in which you practice Speaking and also learn a lot about the life of Russians in Russia
📌 INTERACTIVE TASKS. We have developed unique tasks for learning the vocabulary of the film. All tasks are on the interactive language platform in your personal account. After the movie, you not only have a pleasant viewing experience, but also a stock of new words and expressions that you have already used in practice.
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