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About the creator

I'm just a humble, practically anonymous CYOA creator.
So... what would you like me to say about myself?
Oh, yeah! Sure! Sadism, masochism, humiliation, violence! I love it!
Except I don't like Furry.
I draw a little bit, can whistle pretty, and I do various other stuff, but... That's obviously not why you're here, is it?
Right! I'm working on an NSFW CYOA at the moment. Very NSFW. To the max. Kinky and horny to the limit! So much so that you can just open it in a random page and start enjoying it forgetting about the plot!
Anyway, if you're interested, please ask. Maybe I'll answer!
Another demo
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News for those who aren't on discord!
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Cursed APP
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Snake DLC

As I promised in discord - here's a little snake DLC for Arabian Nights!
It's almost entirely dedicated to the snakiest girl in the harem, so you'll have to pick her!
PS Cursed APP CYOA is fine, I keep working on it! I hope to be able to present it to you very soon!
Demo for subscribers.
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Extra service!

Hey there everyone!
To celebrate (something >_>), I'm offering subscribers an extra service!
I've had a passion for drawing for a long time, but creating a complete picture from scratch is too time-consuming and difficult for me. However, I've recently mastered editing with the help of AI! If I give it a little help, draw part of the picture and combine several versions, the result is quite decent! At least that's how I edit images for my CYOA, using them more as references and sometimes even generating them from scratch. The result may not be perfect, but it allows me to illustrate almost anything, and it looks pretty good! In my recent CYOAs, there were dozens of such images, and they didn't seem to attract any unwanted attention.
So I thought it might be useful for someone else! Just write me on Discord and I'll make a nicer version for you! I can improve the quality, colorize it, make it more NSFW, or even replace the character or background! I'll also occasionally post pictures I've done for CYOA there.
I understand that only a few pictures a month is not much, but even with the help of AI, it can take half an hour or more. And I still have to create CYOA for you!
But if you need more images... Feel free to write to me! For now, this is just a fun bonus for subscribers!
PS Just as an example, here's the generated (secret) art from Arabian Nights
Demo release for Subscribers
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demo for subscribers
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$ 3,5 per month
Access to all discussions, news and all updates and demos
Invitation to join our private Discord server, where you can connect with other supporters and chat with me directly
Ask me any questions you have about CYOA
Vote in polls to help decide the direction of future projects
Receive assistance with image processing or generation, up to one image per month
And my thanks!
+ chat


$ 5,8 per month
All previous bonuses plus:
Big thanks!
The ability to influence what the reports will be about.
And of course - the earliest access to the all WIP versions!
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$ 9,2 per month
All previous bonuses plus:
Personalized feedback on your own CYOA projects and ideas
Monthly one-on-one consultations with me to discuss your CYOA projects and answer any questions you may have
Assistance with creating and editing up to 3 images per month
+ chat


$ 35 per month
All previous bonuses plus:
A unique opportunity to treat me like a bitch!
Assistance with creating your own CYOA
Full access to all raw material.
Request personalized progress reports
Special requests considered (please inquire for more details)
Make me wear a butt plug. (What???)
10 image enhancements and processing per month
+ chat
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