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FAQs about corded vacuums

It’s no doubt that a cordless vacuum cleaner is super convenient, lightweight, and easy to move around. Some cordless models can also convert to handheld vacuums; thus, they always earn spots on best vacuum cleaner reviews. But if you’re reading this, you’re more likely to consider a corded vac. So why not let us take you through some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers about traditional vacuum cleaners.
1. Are corded vacuums more expensive than cordless ones?
Not really! In almost all cases, a corded vacuum is actually more affordable. To make it clear, while there are many wallet-friendly cordless models on the market, the price range of big brands for cordless devices usually outstrip some of the best corded vacuums. If you checked around to see how much a Dyson V11 - Dyson’s latest cordless model - costs, you would know what we mean. Given this, it’s easier to get a high-performing vacuum with a smaller amount of money if you’re keen on a corded model.
2. Is a corded vacuum’s performance better than a cordless model?
Yes! On average, corded vacs work more efficiently since its suction power is generally more robust. To be more specific, corded machines work better on carpeted floors while their performance on hard floors is on par with most cordless models. Therefore, if your house is mostly covered with carpeting, you can’t go wrong with a corded vacuum.
3. I was told that most corded vacs are more durable. Is that true?
True! In general, a majority of corded vacuums last longer than their cordless counterparts. Lots of research has shown that 93% of good vacuum brands’ corded devices last for at least three years while the percentage for cordless machines is only 85%. You would have more reasons to pick a corded vac for your house if you knew that 90% of corded vacuums from top brands of the Best vacuum cleaner for home  like Dyson or Shark still clean brilliantly after seven years. Therefore, when it comes to durability, we always say yes to a corded vac.
4. Which one is quieter, a corded or a cordless?
If you do not want to disturb your four-legged friends or wake your babies up, a corded model is an ideal choice. They’re usually less noisy than cordless vacs. On average, most corded vacs output 70-75dB of noise while corded vacuums’ noise levels are around 80dB. Notably, there are corded devices that are super quiet, with sound levels around 60dB, but still perform excellently. To compare, 60dB is equal to the usual conversation level, while 80dB is similar to the noises that you hear from a garbage disposal system.
5. Do corded vacuums require lots of maintenance?
Corded vacs have high performance and functionality, so users need to maintain them properly. If this is what you’re thinking, then you’ll be happy to know that corded vacuums require less maintenance than cordless devices. The reason is the dust capacity of cordless models is usually smaller than that of corded ones.
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The bottom line
Cordless vacuums may be the popular choice of many shoppers, but there are still good reasons to pick a corded one. Even though they’re inconvenient if you have many stairs, they’re more powerful and less expensive overall. So “what makes a good vacuum?” Well, a good one should last for several years. Nobody would want to spend a few hundred dollars on a vac that only works for one or two years. Click share if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.
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