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AI Art creator, and also a video creator on YT
Ben Tuckett
1990s Development Reel Background
This is something I made as a background.
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20th Century Fox Home Video (1956 Style)

  Made this one up, in a 2010 styled version of the 1956 logo; but we have the "HOME VIDEO" on the right ala 2010.
I mean, what did you expect out of the possibility of doing this logo, and rendering it?
I don't know if there's improvements, but if I did something like this, I'd take professional advice!
Do enjoy something that I MAY/MAY NOT re-do later on, but others may try!
Credits to "20th Century Fox [1956-1967] Logo Remake V2 by YBTLogos".
Made on Blender 2.79.
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Fox Interactive (1992 [What If])?

What if Fox Interactive was established in 1992 instead of 1994?
This logo would be the first prototype logo, before 20th Century Fox/Studios came up with different logos, with different designs in the logos from 1994 - 2006.
Credits to DaoHong135 for the 1992 unused 20th Century Fox Prisma 3D remake.
Fredbear's Family Diner (School Project)
Level required:
Donation Chest - 2K24
Video Game Controller Design (2018)
Level required:
Donation Chest - 2K24

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