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Feb 05 18:27

CBD flower (cannabidiol): how to choose and consume them?

The CBD flower, which comes from the hemp plant, is enjoying increasing popularity. Although many other cannabidiol products are available on the market, flowers remain a flagship product.Which CBD flowers to choose?The main questions you should ask yourself when choosing your CBD HEMP FLOWER  are: what type of crop do they come from? What variety do they come from?Cultivation of CBDRegarding the type of crop, the subject has been discussed in detail in this article. Here are the highlights:Outdoor cultivation: this process allows hemp plants to benefit from all the benefits that nature can offer. Sunlight, natural aeration, nutrient-rich soil and a natural water supply. However, they are also subject to the external elements. This usually results in CBD flowers with a more natural, "earthy" taste. They are often sold at a lower price and contain slightly less CBD.Indoor culture: the opposite extreme of the “outdoor”. Here all the elements are checked. This method avoids any outdoor pollination, but it is also more expensive and demanding. This usually results in larger, denser CBD flowers. They are often considered high-end, less cheap but with a higher CBD rate.Cultivation in a greenhouse: it appears to be a good compromise for both producers and consumers. For cannabis enthusiasts, it is a product halfway between outdoor and indoor. Both in terms of appearance and quality of the flowers, as well as the CBD rate or the final sale price. This is not a quick fix; butgreenhouse-grown CBD flowers are often highly regarded.The CBD varietyRegarding the variety of plants from which CBD flowers come, you should know that the genetics are multiple, and it is easy to get lost. The classification originally used was to distinguish Sativa plants from Indicia plants. This distinction between the two types of plants is visual, but also relative to the effects provided. This topic has been discussed in detail in this article. We believe that over the years, genetic crossings and creation of hybrid plants, this classification gradually loses its meaning.It should be noted, however, that Indicia are recommended for evening use. They promote relaxation. Sativa are known for their more euphoric properties, and sources of creativity.How to consume your CBD flowers?It is generally advisable to enjoy your CBD flower by infusing them and enjoying them as a herbal tea. CBD is fat soluble, so it is a good idea to add a fatty substance to your drink. A little butter, a drop of oil, or honey for example. This is how you can optimize the effectiveness of the CBD contained in your flowers.  
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