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Apr 04 2022 19:27

Updates - Firmware

Latest Update - 5 June --- RSC Firmware v.53:
An additional function is included in the firmware code to eliminate the issue with the encoder assigned for Elevator Trim control, related to the motorized trim wheel when you rotate another encoder (e.g. AP VSI ) simultaneously with the encoder rotated by a motor.

Now, the firmware receives the index of the  encoder assigned as trim wheel from the plugin and it's always processing separately. Now AP VSI encoder (and any others) works without glitches when the  trim motor is active.

Please read the updated  page about how it works: https://realsimcontrol.com/tips_met.html
25 May --- v.52:
Corrected firmware, fixed multiplexed 7-segment display initialization, eliminating the problems with using more than one output multiplexer for 7-segment displays (and LED drivers).  The latest updated SimVimX plugin 2.09 also released.
 4 April (v.47) - download it below or on the RSC/SimVimX website (the SimVimX.dat file).   After replacing the SimVimX.dat file in the plugin folder, reload the configuration and the firmware will be updated automatically.
In particular, these changes are related to the improvement of the communication protocol, speed, reliability, the ability to connect LED drivers on the output multiplexers along with 7-segment displays, the ability to have more than one output multiplexer (up to 4 if necessary). etc.

The firmware  still could have  some minor bugs and incomplete functions and since the first release (v.40) it  has been updated several times times.  
-  Fixed a bug related to the first start/reload initialization for the multiple 7-segment displays. This may not be noticed if you have few displays, but if you have a large number of displays, some of them may not initialize.

- Analog inputs - minor corrections in position detection, the initial position is correctly transferred to the plugin on start.
Roman has fixed a minor bug, related to LEDs addressing (for directly connected drivers only, the LED drivers connected to the multiplexer initialized correctly)... New updated plugin is available in the SimVimX site (v.2.06).
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