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Hello everyone, this is Vlad, a retired electronics engineer/programmer, I have been developing a home cockpit control interface for aviation enthusiasts.  Some of you  know me from my old B58 project (built in 2012), or as users of the XPData, ArdSim/X interfaces, which have now grown into a powerful, easy-to-use RealSimControl system, that works in conjunction with the SimVimX plugin for X-Plane (see details on  Roman's SimVimX blog ).
This system includes highly optimized RSC firmware for the Atmega2560 microcontroller (a single Arduino Mega2560 board) that allows you to connect and configure more than 500 switches, buttons, more that 1000 LED indicators, tens of displays and gauges.
An important part of the system is the  Configurator with 3000+  predefined parameters database,  which can be used to assign all needed control element for any aircraft cockpit.

The configuration tool is divided into 3 sections:
1. The generic section, which includes separate maps for all aircraft systems such as flight controls, autopilot, radio, fuel, electrical, etc:

2. The aircraft section, where you can assign all controls for the specific real plane model:
3. The Converter - a tool for “remapping” predefined RSC keywords to custom aircraft models in case some of the model's functions do not work with the default keywords.

Всем привет, это Владимир, я электронщик/программист на пенсии, давно занимаюсь разработкой интерфейса управления домашним кокпитом для любителей авиации.
Возможно, кто-то из вас знает меня по моему давнему проекту панели Baron-58 ( делал в 2012-м), или использовали интерфейсы XPData, ArdSim/X, которые переросли в мощную, простую в применении систему RSC (RealSimControl) +SimVimX.
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Oct 15 02:20
MET function (electric trim)
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Sep 29 14:22
Planes Conversions
RSC Aircraft Conversions, in progress. Get an early access to my conversions for number aicraft models. Read detail on RSC website page.
Available to everyone
Sep 24 19:58
New  custom function for the IRS display has been added to the SimVimX plugin  (in v 1.0.84), and I have added 2 new parameters to the Convfigurator, now  you can assign it (as "IRS_Disp_Lat" and "IRS_Disp_Long" keywords) for the left and right part. The information displayed will be correctly changed depending on the mode switch state (including test mode).
ИНС (инерциальная навигационная система)
Новая функция для IRS дисплея была добавлена в плагин SimVimX (в версии 1.0.84), я добавил 2 соответствующих параметра в конфигуратор, теперь вы можете назначить IRS дисплей (параметры «IRS_Disp_Lat» и «IRS_Disp_Long») для левой и правой части дисплея. Отображаемая информация будет меняться в зависимости от состояния переключателя режимов (включая тестовый режим).
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Sep 22 14:02
Recent updates
Parameter database/keywords:
Now about 300 default parameters for switches in the RSC database use the same keyword for the switch and the corresponding LED, which can also be reassigned as custom in the converter.
I have extended the configurator  in terms of more flexible structure  of  aircraft maps. Take a look at the B738 mapping, which I am currently completing, as an example. I will also continue to add mappings, at least for those aircraft that have conversion files available for public download.

Laminar B738 (Zibo):
The built-in Laminar B738 Zibo conversion has been renewed. Now all  MCP displays as well as overhead displays (Landing ALT / Flt ALT) are  working properly, maintaining test mode - when you activate the light  test switch, all displays flash with 8888 pattern, respectively for each  display format. The same is done for the default Laminar B738.
Other Conversions:
As I have bought several plane models (including the X-Craft  Embraer family, Toliss A321, Morava, Twin Otter, etc...) I will work on  the conversions for these models, all them  will be available for download  and probably later will be built-in into SimVimX database by default.

Currently, I'm preparing my full conversion for the Toliss A321 model, with correct and tested data conversion accordingly with the assignment map.
The changes briefly described above are made in accordance with the updated SimVimX  plugin, please read the update log on the SimVimX website or Roman's Boosty page.
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Available to everyone
Sep 22 13:41
Configuration maps update
I have updated the parameter mapping  page for the Cessna 172 cockpit, now you can select and assign all  I/O components and navigate through  other categories to assign instruments. Also, the example of using the hardware control panel along with software C172 SimVimPanel. 
Before that the Diamond DA62  pages has been updated, indicator options have been added to the Bleed Air page

(the B737 mapping will be continued)

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