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Hello everyone, this is Vlad, a retired electronics engineer/programmer, I have been developing a home cockpit control interface for aviation enthusiasts.  Some of you  know me as users of the XPData, ArdSim/X interfaces, which have now grown into a powerful, easy-to-use RealSimControl system.
This system includes highly optimized RSC firmware for the Atmega2560 (a single Arduino Mega2560) that allows you to connect and configure more than 500 switches, buttons, about 1000 LEDs, tens of displays and gauges.
An important part of the system is the  Configurator with 3000+  predefined parameters database,  which can be used to assign all needed control element for any aircraft cockpit:
1. The generic section includes separate maps for all aircraft systems such as flight controls, autopilot, radio, fuel, electrical, etc:
2. The aircraft section, where you can assign all controls for the specific real plane model:
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Oct 17 2022 00:47
Fixed a bug in the configurator - when connecting  new LED driver,  after assigning the LED parameters they saved incorrectly!
Instead of:
L33.10 Param_Name
it saved as
L33.10.10 Param_Name
Sorry!!!    Someone might remove the  repeating number manually not informing me about the bug, and I just noticed this bug recently.
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Aug 26 2022 16:07
Access the new config tool for testing
New (Sept, 13): the new configuration tool is now available for everyone.


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Aug 26 2022 11:07
New RSC Config Tool
New reworked configuration tool is finished. It is more convenient and has more features (available with the next SimVImX plugin version).
Read more here.
Note: the tool will be available for subscribers to test and then (in a week or so) it will be available for everyone (with registration on the website you also get access to some features, i.e. your config file being saved on the server and loaded on  configurator start)
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Apr 04 2022 19:27
Updates - Firmware
Latest Update - 5 June --- RSC Firmware v.53:
An additional function is included in the firmware code to eliminate the issue with the encoder assigned for Elevator Trim control, related to the motorized trim wheel when you rotate another encoder (e.g. AP VSI ) simultaneously with the encoder rotated by a motor.

Now, the firmware receives the index of the  encoder assigned as trim wheel from the plugin and it's always processing separately. Now AP VSI encoder (and any others) works without glitches when the  trim motor is active.

Please read the updated  page about how it works: https://realsimcontrol.com/tips_met.html
25 May --- v.52:
Corrected firmware, fixed multiplexed 7-segment display initialization, eliminating the problems with using more than one output multiplexer for 7-segment displays (and LED drivers).  The latest updated SimVimX plugin 2.09 also released.
 4 April (v.47) - download it below or on the RSC/SimVimX website (the SimVimX.dat file).   After replacing the SimVimX.dat file in the plugin folder, reload the configuration and the firmware will be updated automatically.
In particular, these changes are related to the improvement of the communication protocol, speed, reliability, the ability to connect LED drivers on the output multiplexers along with 7-segment displays, the ability to have more than one output multiplexer (up to 4 if necessary). etc.
The firmware  still could have  some minor bugs and incomplete functions and since the first release (v.40) it  has been updated several times times.  
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Mar 26 2022 17:20
Fast reload/reconnect
For user convenience  I have added the "Reload Configuration/Reconnect"
parameter that can be assigned to the button. No need to open the status
window when you need to reload the configuration on every config file
You can assign it in the "Misc Functions" section (that will be expanded eventually)
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Mar 09 2022 15:27
RSC Firmware update
Mar, 30:
- Fixed a bug in the firmware - incorrect encoder detent detection on
start if you have assigned it as type 2.  The firmware is updated
automatically (download the new SimVimX.dat file).
More about encoder types - https://realsimcontrol.com/io_enc.html.
Mar, 16:   firmware updated (v.43)
- Fixed bug:  not worked inputs on multiplexers >16 if a number of assigned multiplexers is more than 16. Corrected, now all (up to 50 total) multiplexers are working (800 inputs).

Mar, 9
: Hot-fix  for the firmware: 
- fixed the issue with multiple analog inputs.
Please download the updated plugin  too (the firmware will be updated automatically)
on the SimVimX website

Mar, 7:
RealSimControl firmware has been updated, featuring reworked and improved connection protocol, along with updates for slave board firmware for LCD and Stepper boards. If you use these extension boards, make sure to do the firmware upload procedure on them to update.
Note: If your master board uses USB connection, its firmware is updated automatically after the new plugin is loaded.
The new firmware is included with the updated SimVimX Plugin v2.03.
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Feb 07 2022 14:56
I'm sorry for not answering during the last week to anyone (and will not for a few days more), because of illness.. (covid break).

Now I am recovering, feeling  much better and trying to do something. I have been completely out of work for the last 2 weeks, now I will try  to read all user reports and
respond to everyone.

Before the illness, I started working on the  RSC firmware ( it's time to update it) making all the changes planned  over the past year and removing some bugs) . Here is the description.
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Jan 08 2022 22:16
Dash 8 Q400 configuration
The overhead configuration map for Q400 is finished and can be used for your configuration.
Also, I started converting  the new Q4XP model of the FJS Dash 8-400 some time ago, but recently FJS has released a new version and all converted parameters stopped working, because they have added commands for all  switches (that is good!) and removed the old "commanded" datarefs from the model.
So, I need to convert all functions for Q4XP again, the new updated conversion is included into the current RSC_Planes file and I almost finished converting  the full overhead.
Download the latest RSC_Planes.dat file (and SimVimX.dat too).
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Dec 27 2021 16:34
Configurator/converter update
Accordingly with new SimVimX custom plane conversion format the RSC online conversion tool has been updated and, as it was announced, now it's merged into RSC Configurator.
Conversion menu for a parameter is opening by clicking on its assigned pin in the configurator (if a plane conversion is created and selected), and you can switch between making conversions for several aircraft models by selecting them in the "Conversion" menu.
The built-in conversions  (included into the SimVimX.dat and RSC_Planes.dat files) remain as-is.
If you have the old conversion ".dat" file you need to load in the new configurator's "Conversion" menu. It will be included into configuration and automatically translated into the new format. For more information read the Conversion Guide and Generic I/O sections.
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Dec 01 2021 01:30
Upcoming updates
Planned (considered) changes in the interface - please read this page  and leave feedback.
Conversion GUIDE Page is here.
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