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Siberian folk-pop band
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Otyken is a Siberian indigenous music group. The marvelous combination of traditional musical instruments and modern arrangement will definitely entertain you! Our mystical throat singing, special elemental vocals, enchanting sounds of vargan, khomys, morinkhur, leather drums will take you to the wild thickets of the Siberian taiga.
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Jun 04 09:11
Smartphone wallpaper
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Jun 03 11:41
New OTYKEN posters in good quality
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May 31 13:43
Aiko baby photos
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May 29 08:54
Azyan baby photos
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May 27 14:57
Aiko walking along the Mana River
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May 21 07:20
New Art Work
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May 17 08:34
Ummet Ozcan & Otyken
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May 10 07:11
New releases
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May 06 10:56
Tsveta walks on Baikal
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Apr 30 12:14
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