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Term Paper vs Research Paper: What is the Difference?

 Has academic writing made you dizzy and disoriented? Have you been spending a majority of your time trying to make every essay perfect but you can’t seem to master academic writing? Rest assured, you are not the only one. Almost all students are tired of trying to be the accomplished essay writer their professors need them to be, while they usually don’t end up satisfying the professors who seem bent on giving them the hardest time of their lives. If you are left feeling like all those efforts may be in vain because you don’t even know the difference between a term paper and a research paper, you need to stop those negative ruminations right in their tracks!
Term Papers…
 If you are required to write a term paper, you are most likely a student who has yet to make their way to the last semester. Therefore, your professors can’t stop assigning you to the seemingly onerous task of term papers at the end of every semester. The term paper is set towards the end of a term and it can be based on a number of syntheses, comparisons, or analytical essays. Depending upon the subject and the skills your professor wants to assess, the topic of your term paper may change.
 A term paper is like a more extensive analysis of a topic or sources. It involves critical thinking or the synthesis of information. To write this, you need to make use of already published material by accessing relevant resources from the digital university to which your education institution gives access. You can also access pertinent literature from online search engines and databases. You can similarly get suitable writing from write my paper and information bases.
 As resources are the only material upon which you are basing your term paper, you need to ensure the sources you choose are credible, authentic, reliable, and valid. Evaluate the repute of the author and the publication from which you are citing the source.
The crux of your paper is going to be based on a thesis you derive from the material you study. The ideas in your term paper will also be borne out of the resources you access and study in detail. The term paper will always have a prompt. Make sure you adhere to the prompt and plan the entire paper around it. The professor will also provide a rubric for you to follow. This will contain information about the content you need to incorporate in your term paper to achieve as good a grade as you possibly could or the professor could award (hope the two align for you!).
 Now that you know all about term papers, you know it is just like a longer and more extensive essay. This is the key information I would try to retain if I, like you, had to write my essay and get the term paper done well in time! Begin today, as a little procrastination could go a long way! It could make the difference between an average and an above-average essay.
Research Papers…
 Research papers are more serious. They are based on scientific studies conducted by a researcher. If you have taken a course or two on research methodology, you would already be familiar with the research process. The research paper chronicles the research process step by step. It begins with an abstract that summarizes the entire study. This abstract is followed by an introduction that contextualizes the study and enlists the research questions, objectives, and hypothesis of the study. Then, the author presents a cogent view of the literature, documenting the pertinent research.
 After the literature review, the report begins a section of methodology. This is the section that details the research design and the type of research you have chosen for your study. The section will also involve details of the population, sample, information regarding the study’s protocols, and the modes of analysis used to make inferences. The research paper also includes a section that discusses the findings of the study in light of recent research. A “conclusions” section presents the findings along with the limitations of your study and the recommendations made by your study. The research paper can be based on primary or secondary research.
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Whether you are writing a term paper or a research one, you need to make sure you cite all your sources according to the format you have been instructed to follow. Also, include a list of references towards the end. If you do not cite or reference, you are essentially using someone else’s ideas and taking the credit for it! This happens to be illegal and it can result in your educational institution taking action against you. Plagiarism is a cardinal sin of academic writing. Also, both term papers and research papers are written in formal language using only third-person pronouns.
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