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Evgeny Matveev
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Photography is a rather expensive form of creativity. Equipment and time are very expens... I would really like to shoot more, and not look for money.

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For many years I have been shooting sports. This is mainly rhythmic gymnastics. I also shoot a lot of ballet and dance. And I see not only the front, scenic side of sports and ballet, but also what is hidden behind the stage.

Here I want to share with you both stage photos and photos from performances and competitions, but also backstage photos. And they are often much more interesting than the photos from the scene ...

About author:

Evgeny Matveev - sports, ballet and art photographer, member of various international photo exhibitions and winner of various international photo contests such as:

- "Neutral Density Photography Awards"
- "MonoVisions Photography Awards"
- "Moscow International Foto Awards"
- "Budapest International Foto Awards"
- "Tokyo International Foto Awards"
- "Fine art photography awards"

Photos of the author are in the collection of the Russian Museum, Russia, St. Petersburg.

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This is a preview for the post "01. Rhythmic gymnastics: competition. (40 photos)"
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01. Rhythmic gymnastics: competition. (40 photos)
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Rhythmic gymnastics. One of the most beautiful sports. It combines both strength training and aesthetics. (40 photos)

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