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Nov 05 2022 21:51

Click Beauty

The article on my site is available in all languages.
Cliquez ici / Click here ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️
ENG by GrumpyRU by Origamika
ES by CindySims
CN by TangY
PT-BR by VóLu SimsGER by Helene912
NL by Rocket Cat  
Hello to all of you,
I'm happy to present you this new mod called "Click Beauty" 💄
Often, to completely change our sim, we use the code "cas.fulleditmode" and I thought it would be cool not to type this code over and over again 😅
Thanks to this mod, you will be able to change the complete appearance (clothes/accessories but also body shape etc) in one click.
I wanted to go a little further than this simple interaction so your sim will have to pay 50 Simflouz and when he/she returns he/she will have a buff (10 random, beware of surprises 😅).
10 items are present in the mod including 5 from the base game (so everyone can enjoy it), 1 Relaxation at the Spa, 2 Being Parents and 2 from High School Year.
I hope you enjoy playing with Click Beauty 😊
Kisses ❤️️💋
The objects to use are available in all the colors proposed by EA.
After installing the object(s), click on it and you will see "Makeover".
Once you have clicked on "Makeover", your sim will arrive in the "Create a sim" and there you will be able to modify it completely. In game, we have the "modify without the CUS" but you can only change the clothes. There you can change everything 😊
If you have any concerns, please visit my Discord in the #questions-autres-mods room.
Beta testers : the mod has been fully and repeatedly tested by Beta testers, present on the Discord.  
Download the folder, unzip and install the files in your mods folder.
November 06, 2022: Added Spanish translation, please download again and delete the other version if you play in Spanish.
MaïaGame_Click_Beauty.rar1.38 MbDownload
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