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Sergey Kolesnik

concept 3d artist for 3d printing
Sergey Kolesnik
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to start new massive 3d modeling project! complex props and replica from StarWars . Mechas 3d modeling
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Exclusive Starwars Vortex rifle blaster for All
11 500 of 11 500  money raised
Starwars "Proton carabine" 3Dmodel- free for all. and friendly for electronics
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New 3d printer
19 000 of 15 000  money raised
The Charric. Starwars blaster 3d printed kit (two 3d models)

About the creator

im 3d artist from Russia .i focus on 3d modeling for 3d printing.
Starwars and mecha projects.
more than 20 years of experience in 3D graphics and 3D modeling.
every day i post 3d models for you !
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Jun 27 08:25
Two 3Dprinted Westar-88 (around 84$)world's delivery
Two 3Dprinted Westar-88
For subscribers only
Jun 24 13:15
Valken-38 from Starwars
3d model Valken-38 BLASTER
One-time payment only
Jun 20 15:50
Starwars grenade set - 3Dprinted 66$
3D printed Kit Starwars Grenade Set
One-time payment only
Jun 20 15:42
EE-3 Classical 3D printed Kit 94$ +bonus
3Dprinted EE-3 blaster kit
One-time payment only
Jun 20 15:35
Mando-Hammer 3Dprinted + Vibro-dagger (75$)
3D printed kit: Mando axe and vibro-dagger
For subscribers only
Jun 17 17:45
DT-12 blaster pistol
3d model DT-12 blaster pistol
For subscribers only
Jun 14 21:41
Baragwin Assault Gun
3D model Baragwin Assault Gun
One-time payment only
Jun 13 20:27
MAD-3R Marauder 3D printed KIT (86$+ worlds delivery)
3D printed kit
For subscribers only
Jun 13 10:19
Heavy Blaster T-21B
3D model Blaster T-21B
One-time payment only
Jun 08 16:19
3D printed Concussion launcher (73$ worlds delivery)
3D printed Concussion launcher (worlds delivery)

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