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This is not a goal, this way you can support me for a start as you want! Это не цель,таким образом,вы можете поддержать меня для начала, как вы хотите
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Jan 19 18:31

Переводчик и разработчик - Слава Ульрих.

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So, he makes money from other people's games, he should at the very least give credit to the developer and add links to their sites/pages
Hellster P, He advertises games, leaving links to the main pages of the authors, as he did with my game, after which I got more subscribers, for which I am very grateful to him. He just translates games into Russian, I think he doesn't have to give any credit to the game developer for that, if someone likes some game, he can go to the main page of the author of the game and support him, people just support Слава Ульрих for translations into Russian
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