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Sep 12 22:09

SimVimX Plugin v1.0.82 and SimVimPanel v4.16

SimVimX plugin and SimVimPanel have been updated.
Plugin changes:
- The new plugin version includes a number of internal changes which allow greater flexibility in creating custom functionality, both with our default plugin database and with custom conversion files.
- Multiple improvements in conversion file reading, more custom functions for autopilot displays and buttons, and many other additions and fixes.
See the full list of changes here.
Related changes:
- Many changes in the plugin's parameter database, built-in custom aircraft conversions, and configurator image maps.
- The conversion tool now automatically replaces outdated keywords with new ones when the user's file is uploaded, and merges the data for certain inputs and outputs that previously used separate keywords but were changed to have a single keyword. The converter now supports adding conditional text output to displays.
Read more here on RealSimControl website.
SimVimPanel changes:
- Windowed mode reworked to hide the window header by default. Hiding the header will not work on all systems - mostly implemented for use with 2 displays on Raspberry Pi 4.
- Changes in Baron-58 co-pilot side, Cessna 172 annunciators, B200 Annunciators and EFIS-84.
See the full list of changes here.
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