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Aug 04 21:20

SimVimPanel on RPi4 with 2 screens

I recently got a Raspberry Pi 4, and so was able to test how it can handle two displays when running SimVimPanel.
The results are good, but required some tweaks to the core program.
Raspberry Pi 4 doesn't seem to have a way to easily configure 2 displays as a single extended desktop, so when using SimVimPanel in fullscreen mode, the panel is only displayed on one monitor.
If you switch to windowed mode, however, the window is seen on both screens. You can switch SimVimPanel between fullscreen and windowed modes by pressing "F".
The downside, as seen in the photo, is the desktop menu and window header remaining in view.
So, I needed to see what can be done to improve windowed mode, so it would be more viable for such setup.
You can see the result below - it's windowed mode, but the window is automatically moved so that the menu and window header are covered. This approach may not work on every system (as it depends on system window handling), but it works on Raspbian right away.
By the way, here you can see the Baron 58 Full panel, with its background now properly displayed on RPi4 (it didn't work before due to issues with texture size limit) and some gauges added to the copilot side to fill in the blanks.
This will all be available in the next version of SimVimPanel.
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