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Jun 28 16:37

SimVimPanel update

- Corrected the sizes and data mapping of the cabin pressurization gauges and flaps indicator (the small lower central panel) for B200 (also used for B1900, KA350):
- Исправлены размеры и отображение данных индикатора даления/высоты кабины и индикатора закрылков (нижняя центральная панель) для B200 (также используется для B1900, KA350)

- Replaced outdated parameter names in the following modules:
- VM1000 indicator,  Boeing MFD
- Piper PA44,  Cessna 172 panels
- B200 annunciators
---------------------------- Working on: -----------------------------
1. New versions of the Plugin and SimVImPanel are currently in development, with some corrections and additions to EFIS-84, the most major addition being the ability for the EHSI to display navigation points in the "Map" mode, reading navigation data from X-Plane's database.
2. Some other plans include making more annunciator panels for small LCD displays with HCSCI Panel for different airplanes and reworking the ones already available for B200.

B200 (B1900, KA 350) lower annunciators (will be available versions for all King Air family):
3. The next version of the plugin will also have some more corrections to its startup conditions processing, will have faster  connection protocol with the master board .
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