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This page is dedicated to home cockpit building hobby and my   "SimVimX" project  - software addons for X-Plane flight simulator.

The SimVimX Plugin and SimVimPanel software (optionaly combined with Vlad's RSC hardware interface) allow you to quickly build your home cockpit, enjoying the creation process, rather than drowning in programming and electronics.
You can learn all  information about the project from SimVimX website. The plugin and main panel program are free, and your support is highly appreciated!
You can see the full changelog for SimVimX Plugin and SimVimPanel here.
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Oct 14 21:02
Latest SimVimX and SimVimPanel updates
SimVimX plugin and SimVimPanel have both been updated today.
Main changes in the plugin: (v1.0.86)
- Fixed an oversight in large text data output that caused SimVimPanel FMS display to not update fully when changing pages. This happened after the update that introduced navigation point data transfer for SimVimPanel EFIS modules.
- Added new (reworked) functions for electric trim motor controls.
SimVimPanel update: (v4.17)
- Fixed module names not being passed to the plugin on connection.
- Improved numbers display code to avoid visual bugs on digital instruments when numbers exceed preset size of their display.
- Corrected the displayed values on B200 engine turbine gauges.
- Some code improvements in EFIS-84.
- Work-in-progress on new electronic instruments.
16 Oct. minor plugin update - v1.0.86a:
- Plugin Status window now correctly clears any error messages when reloading configuration.
For info on previous updates and full changelog, visit this page.
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Aug 04 21:20
SimVimPanel on RPi4 with 2 screens
I recently got a Raspberry Pi 4, and so was able to test how it can handle two displays when running SimVimPanel.
The results are good, but required some tweaks to the core program.
Raspberry Pi 4 doesn't seem to have a way to easily configure 2 displays as a single extended desktop, so when using SimVimPanel in fullscreen mode, the panel is only displayed on one monitor.
If you switch to windowed mode, however, the window is seen on both screens. You can switch SimVimPanel between fullscreen and windowed modes by pressing "F".
The downside, as seen in the photo, is the desktop menu and window header remaining in view.
So, I needed to see what can be done to improve windowed mode, so it would be more viable for such setup.
You can see the result below - it's windowed mode, but the window is automatically moved so that the menu and window header are covered. This approach may not work on every system (as it depends on system window handling), but it works on Raspbian right away.
By the way, here you can see the Baron 58 Full panel, with its background now properly displayed on RPi4 (it didn't work before due to issues with texture size limit) and some gauges added to the copilot side to fill in the blanks.
This will all be available in the next version of SimVimPanel.
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Jul 29 13:54
New versions of SimVimX Plugin and SimVimPanel
SimVimX Plugin v1.0.81:
-  Fixed some issues with plugin options saving (such as cockpit lighting data configuration for a particular aircraft model) with some supported file path styles (with or without the additional folder).
-  Moved board firmware upload to a separate menu .
Hotfix v1.0.81a: Fixed a crash when saving brightness control input options on a new aircraft.
SimVimX plugin can be downloaded here.
SimVimPanel v4.15:
- On-screen rotary knobs can now also be used by clicking to the left or right side of them with the mouse button, in addition to mouse wheel rotation that was used before. This is also handy when using a touchscreen.
- Added an experimental option for panel drawing to possibly eliminate some glitches at the cost of performance on low-end systems (such as early Raspberry Pi) - add "Refresh = 1" into the "settings.ini" file.
- Added preliminary support for loading multiple modules on the same computer, with an individual coordinate offset for each of them. This can be used for a large panel with multiple displays by arranging the modules however you need, without requiring a single preset large module. This is currently done by placing a file named "multi.txt" with a list of modules and coordinate offsets in the program's folder.
SimVimPanel and its modules can be downloaded here.
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Hello, I just installed SimVimX Plugin - v1.0.81a and Simvimpanel on 2 different PCs (Linux and Win 10). The master board connects and works correctly but I don't see any SimvimPanel module connected even though I'm running the program on my 2 PCs! Is there anything I am not doing correctly?
Sep 12 11:43
D., make sure that the computer running X-Plane with SimVimX plugin and the computer running SimVimPanel are in the same local network and the communication isn't blocked by firewalls.

Also, check out the updates uploaded yesterday (plugin v1.0.82, Panel v4.16).

Best regards,
Sep 13 10:46
Hello and thank you for your quick response. In fact I just found where the problem was, and as you point out, I was indeed using the wrong plugin.
Sep 13 10:50
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Jun 28 16:37
SimVimPanel update
- Corrected the sizes and data mapping of the cabin pressurization gauges and flaps indicator (the small lower central panel) for B200 (also used for B1900, KA350):
- Исправлены размеры и отображение данных индикатора даления/высоты кабины и индикатора закрылков (нижняя центральная панель) для B200 (также используется для B1900, KA350)

- Replaced outdated parameter names in the following modules:
- VM1000 indicator,  Boeing MFD
- Piper PA44,  Cessna 172 panels
- B200 annunciators
---------------------------- Working on: -----------------------------
1. New versions of the Plugin and SimVImPanel are currently in development, with some corrections and additions to EFIS-84, the most major addition being the ability for the EHSI to display navigation points in the "Map" mode, reading navigation data from X-Plane's database.
2. Some other plans include making more annunciator panels for small LCD displays with HCSCI Panel for different airplanes and reworking the ones already available for B200.

B200 (B1900, KA 350) lower annunciators (will be available versions for all King Air family):
3. The next version of the plugin will also have some more corrections to its startup conditions processing, will have faster  connection protocol with the master board .
Gostaria de ter o lay out do cessna 172 com instrumentos e radios para simvim panel.
Oct 01 17:16
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