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Aug 08 09:25
SEO Services for Small Business
for affordable SEO services for small business? SEO has been widely
accepted as a necessary component of a successful business and remains
one of the most cost-effective ways of customer acquisition and
engagement.  The online world is getting more competitive every day and
if you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, you should include
SEO into your marketing plan.
small business needs SEO to get quality visitors from search, make your
website user-friendly, and increase credibility. SEO has one of the
highest ROIs and increases your visibility with people who are looking
for a business like yours and are in the process of making a “purchase
decision”. As a result, you get a highly targeted traffic to your
website. That’s why small businesses around the world take advantage of
professional SEO services for small businesses.
SEO involves many elements that fall into 2 categories:
On-page SEO
– efforts you take to improve individual pages on your website to
enhance your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). It
includes keywords, URLs, responsive design, load speed, formatting,
navigation, and on-site blogging.Off-page SEO –
refers to actions taken outside of your own site to improve rankings.
The most important of these techniques are link building, social media
marketing, and guest blogging.
SEO services for small
businesses are crucial. You need to be on the first page of search
results both for mobile and desktops or you don’t exist for your
potential clients. SEO strategies must bring sustainable result so you
can’t waste money on small business SEO services that don’t work or lose
their effect after you stop paying.
Wondering what you can get when you outsource the development and execution of your SEO strategies to one of the SEO companies for small businesses?
At Extrabrains, we offer small businesses powerful marketing solutions
that will allow you to reach new customers, boost traffic to your
website, and increase conversions. We start with market, competition,
and keywords analysis. Then we create a content plan and suggest
recommendations for improving your website and additional actions
outside it. We can help you build a comprehensive SEO strategy based on
your target audience and your business goals.
business SEO is a science.
There are a lot of factors that impact your
small business’s web presence and there are no one-size-fits-all
solutions. There are a lot of SEO companies for small businesses that
offer a wide range of SEO services. Wondering what SEO services for
small business you need to be integrating into your strategy? Here we
have put together a simple list of SEO services you really need to get
your rankings. Keep reading.
On-Page SEO Services for Small Business
is more effective than traditional marketing tactics but it requires
much time and effort and can be too complex for you as a small business
owner. But there is no need to worry. Experts from our small business
SEO service can help you optimize individual pages of your website in
order to boost your visibility and earn more relevant traffic in search
engines. When we speak about on-page SEO services for small business, we
mean optimization of both the HTML source code of a web page and its
content. The main goal of on-page SEO is to help crawlers understand the
meaning and context of your website’s pages. You have to speak the
“search engines language”. Keep in mind that on-page SEO is constantly
changing so it’s important to keep up with the latest practices.
is an SEO company for small businesses and we offer you a unique
approach that can give your business a boost. Here is what SEO
specialists from our SEO company for small business typically do.
First, we perform keyword research to understand what your target market is searching.Then we apply the keyword research to create a content plan and suggest the optimal structure of your website.We analyze the keywords and group those with similar intent and topics.Professionals
from our small business SEO company evaluate the SERP for every keyword
or group of keywords to identify pages that are ranking high for those
keywords.We analyze those pages to understand what qualities
they possess. It helps us determine the content type and format and
understand what unique value we can offer to make your webpage better
than the pages that are currently ranking high for your keywords.
On each page, experts from our small business SEO service adapt the following elements to the target keyword.
We will create and execute a content plan, take care of on-site and off-site SEO work.
Page title
help search engines understand what your web page is about. Each page
must have a unique descriptive title tag and it should include the
keyword you are trying to rank for. Your title tag appears in SERPs and
plays a big role in people’s first impression of your website. Wondering
what makes a good title tag? Here are some tips on how to do it right.
Include keywords you are targeting closer to the beginning.Use keywords wisely and make your tittle compelling.Make your title short because search engines typically display the first 60 characters in search results.Include numbers, modifiers, and power words like guide, review, best, amazing, actionable, useful, ultimate, checklist etc. to make tittle more interesting and increase the CTR.When you have a strong brand, add your brand name at the end of the title to help boost click-through rates.
Professionals from our best SEO company for small businesses can optimize your title tags for search engine and usability goals.
Meta description
meta description is what internet users will see the SERP. Although
Google doesn’t consider meta descriptions as a ranking factor, they are
very important for CTR. They serve as incentives for users to click on
specific search results so you should make sure your meta descriptions
are relevant and compelling. You need to tell searchers exactly what
information they can find on a page. You should include target keywords
to make page descriptions more appealing to internet users. And you can
use meta descriptions to present users your UPS. Marketing specialists
from our SEO company for small business can help you take advantage of
an opportunity to advertise your web page in search results and convince
internet users to click your link and visit your company’s website.
may write the best content for your web page, but no one will ever read
it if it’s formatted improperly. You should format your text for
readability and help users navigate your page and quickly find the
necessary information. You should break text in short paragraphs, use
lists with bullet points to help readers skim the content, and break
your content with helpful headings (H1) and sub-headings (H2, H3) which
are especially useful for long pages. Each page needs to have only one
H1 tag. Headings are a great place to include relevant keywords but you
should make sure that you use keywords naturally. Headings should be
informative and clearly communicate the subject of the webpage.
SEO is not just using the right keywords and meta tags. It also refers
to creating an amazing user experience and you can do it with quality
relevant content that serves your prospects. Remember: content is one of
Google’s three main ranking factors. That’s why it’s crucial to produce
content that is natural and focused on your website’s visitors rather
than on search engines. Do you think this is too challenging for you and
you can’t do without professional small business SEO services? Content
creators from our small business SEO company use on-page optimization to
create content that your audience will love and that can get a lot of
quality backlinks.
Illustration file names and ALT descriptors
are very important for user experience because they make a web page
more interesting and easier to understand. You should use descriptive
image files names and include a descriptive ALT tag to help search
engines understand what every image is about.
Internal linking
links are good for SEO because they connect the content and tell Google
about the structure of your website. By following links, Google can
find out which content on your website is related. More links to a page
mean more value for Google. Internal links also help users navigate a
website. You should make your links focused and use them when it makes
Experts from our SEO company for small business use the
best SEO practices to optimize your website’s web pages and make them
user- and engine-friendly.
Off-Page SEO Services for Small Business
main goal of the off-page SEO is to give signals to search engines that
your company’s website is useful to internet users and gives them
value. Off-page SEO is tricky so a good idea is to take advantage of
professional services provided by one of the SEO companies for small
Link building
You need to use
link building to show your authority. Link-building is one of the most
effective off-page SEO methods because the more backlinks you have from
high-quality businesses and reputable brands, the more search engines
see your website as valuable. You can rank high in search engines by
writing high-quality content on your website, but you will increase your
chances to rank higher by getting authoritative relevant sites to link
to that content. That’s why link acquisition should be a major part of
SEO campaigns for small businesses. Don’t try to trick search engines by
buying artificial links because paid links are the thing of the past.
Write great content that everyone would like to share, reach out, and
use social media to get quality backlinks.
Content promotion in social media
media is a part of off-page SEO consulting although it is not essential for search
engine rankings. But it is a great opportunity to get in touch with
your customers and prospects. So you should focus your social media
marketing campaigns on engaging your customers and promoting content
from your website. You can write a great piece of content and share it
on social media. An engaging content can generate a lot of shares and
PPC campaigns
Having your site rank
high on search engines organically is time-consuming and unpredictable.
It involves an in-depth knowledge of SEO ranking factors and how they
work. If you want immediate results, paid search is an option for you.
It is one of the most effective tactics for online marketing because it
has the potential for an immediate boost in traffic and conversions. PPC
can be used to support many parts of the sales funnel. Small businesses
can use PPC for reaching their target audience at the right moment when
they are ready to make a purchase decision. An effective PPC campaign
can help your business grow.
SEO Company for Small Businesses
small business needs SEO to thrive and survive in today’s highly
competitive business world. If you don’t have time for that, you can
benefit from hiring experts from professional SEO services for small
businesses. And if you are looking for an affordable SEO company for
small businesses, Extrabrains makes the right choice.
Here is why.
No matter what your business goals are, experts from our small business SEO company can help you achieve them.
business is unique and our small business SEO service can provide you
with solutions specifically designed for the needs of your small
We can develop and execute a targeted marketing strategy
to help you build a strong web presence using proven techniques and
skyrocket your business to the next level.
Extrabrains approaches
the SEO for small business holistically from analysis through
strategy to execution. Marketing specialists from our SEO company for
small businesses understand that each step is crucial for your success.
We provide the optimal mix of small business SEO services and deliver great ROI and sustainable results.
not convinced? Book your free 30-minute strategy session now to learn
how we can help you better target your prospective customers online and
outrank your competitors in the search results.
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May 25 08:43
Google Page Experience with Core Web Vitals
And unusually, Google is giving you a chance to fix your issues BEFORE they roll out this algorithm. Don’t
wait till the last minute to improve your site because the last thing
you want to do is lose traffic when you could have prevented it.
Read on to find out how you can improve your site’s page experience ahead of this update.
What we know so far and what you can do to prepare for the Google Page Experience Update (Aka Core Web Vitals)
your website offer a great user experience (UX)? Do you make it as
quick, helpful and enjoyable as possible for your website visitors to
interact with your content?
If you know your site’s user experience (UX) needs improving, now is the time to get to work.
The Google Page Experience Update
Back in May 2020, Google announced its intention to roll out a page experience update
designed to indicate in search results which websites offer the best
usability for visitors. You might also see people refer to it as the Core Web Vitals update.
In November 2020, the search engine confirmed that the update will “measure
how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page and
contribute to our ongoing work to ensure people get the most helpful and
enjoyable experiences from the web”.
Google has said the update aims to “measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value”.
So, what does this mean for your website?
What we know about the Google Page Experience update so far
The page experience update could potentially impact all websites, which means that it could turn out to be one of the more significant Google algorithm shifts.
wants to know that its customers – i.e. anyone who makes a Google
search – are going to have the best possible experience when they visit a
website via a search results page.
Pages that have previously
performed well may go down in rankings if the page experience is poor.
Equally, those pages that offer a great UX may see a boost in their
visibility in searches.
Of course, it won’t be completely cut and dried.
pages offer really fantastic content but the page experience has room
for improvement, the chances are they will still rank well. However, it
could leave their rankings vulnerable in the longer term to competitors
who go a step further and combine great content with a great UX.
The search engine has confirmed this, saying:
page experience is important, Google still seeks to rank pages with the
best information overall, even if the page experience is subpar. Great
page experience doesn’t override having great page content. However, in
cases where there are many pages that may be similar in relevance, page
experience can be much more important for visibility in Search.”
This means that, all other things being equal, page experience may be the deciding ranking factor.
Google’s Rudy Galfi, the product lead on the Google Search Ecosystem team, told Search Engine Land
that page experience scores will “play a vital role in what content
shows in Google’s Top Stories section”. So, I think we will start to see
the update making a difference.
Knowing this, my advice is that
we should all be focusing on how to make page experience better. If
nothing else, it will make websites more user friendly, which is only
ever a good thing for those all-important ideal customers we want to attract.
A good page experience label in searches
How will you know if your web pages are seen by Google to offer a good page experience?
towards the end of 2020, the search giant tested featuring a page
experience icon in search results. This looked like a star within a grey
If this label is rolled out more widely, which is the current plan, it will be an at-a-glance indicator to searchers that they can expect a great UX when they click through to a page – and who doesn’t want that?
is bound to have a positive impact on clickthrough rates to pages with
the page experience icon. And the greater the clickthrough rates, the
more likely an up-turn in rankings.
Page experience factors
Page Experience update will look at different metrics/factors to decide
whether a page provides a great UX. This will assess questions such as:
Does the page load quickly?Is it mobile-friendly?Does it run on HTTPS and is it safe to browse?Are there intrusive pop-ups and ads that stop searchers getting straight to the information they want?Does the content jump around as the page loads? (AKA ‘layout shifts’)
these have each been ranking signals for some time, the Page Experience
update may put more emphasis on these factors or how they’re grouped,
as we’ve already outlined above.
Core Web Vitals
We’ll be hearing a lot more about Core Web Vitals and SEO this year, as they will also be used as search signals for page experience.
Google has specifically mentioned Core Web Vitals that measure:
Loading performanceInteractivityVisual stability of the page
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