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Dec 03 2020 14:09

Why Should I learn Angular?

What is Angular?
Angular is a JavaScript framework developed by Google Engineers to build mobile applications and web applications. This involves the TypeScript usage along with CSS and HTML.
AngularJS and Angular 2 are different from each other. However, Angular 2 and Angular 4 has lots of similarities.
Learning Angular will give great career opportunities for all. Angular Training in Chennai makes you a more comfortable web development process. Reach here and become an expert in developing.
Two-way data binding
The benefit of two-way data binding is the automatic retrieval from the data store. It is implemented with ngModel directive.
Easy Integration
Angular integration is pre-built into lots of frameworks, for example, Telerik’s, Wijmo, Ionic, Kendo UI, etc., Third-party integration features are easy with Angular.
Reduced Coding
Many developers want to write the code effectively. Angular supports MVC architecture, it helps developers to split the code to fit into MVC architecture. Learn the latest versions through AngularJS Online course. To become a master in the Angular domain, prefer the best training institute.
Desktop Applications: Angular is used to create desktop-installed apps for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Web Applications: Angular is mainly used for the web development process and some web applications can work offline also.
Native Mobile Applications: It is built with the support of Angular.
Angular supports SPA
Single Page Applications is a type of application that loads a single HTML page. It communicates with the back-end server without refreshing the full webpage.
Modularity in Angular
A module has related components, pipes, directives and services. Angular modules combined to build an application. Build your very first website through AngularJS Training in Bangalore. Every concept has been explained clearly with real-time scenarios.
Some of the popular websites using Angular
Youtube for PS3
iStock Photo
Presently, there is a huge demand for Angular developers. If you wish to know everything about Angular, approach AngularJS Training in Chennai. The expert's approach will be more helpful for all.
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