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Content for Virt a mate (VAM)
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Donations for 5090 Series. My RTX 2080 is too slow for fast baking diffuse textures.

About the creator

Important - Subscribing via PayPal is not available on boosty.
1. I don't make ports from DAZ! Please, don't ask me. I don't agree for any reward.
2. You can use my environment commercially in your video or screenshots, provided that you add links to my boosty in your content description. As co-author I want to see my credits.
3. It's hard for me to create correct materials for VR. I just don't have VR.

Q: Why you don't use the Vamifier plugin
A: Is a nice plugin, but it doesn't work properly with alpha transparency, emission/glow, AO
The biggest problem is that it ignores the AO map on the assets. AO is needed in game engines to cut off spec and reflection where it shouldn't be.
Q: I want to create a day/night option but I can't remove the lights. Why?
A: Unfortunately it's impossible. Light and shadow are baked into the texture as a diffuse map. It's a kind of mix of "light map" and albedo. It's a features of all my rooms, and yes, I know it's not a correct pbr setup. I've done a lot of work in the Unreal engine, and it's painful for me to see outdated VAM. (The Unity URP was outdated even when this version was released in 2018)
Example of baking you can see here

Q: Do you create environments on request?
A: Yes, but there are many reasons why I might say no.
1. The genre of environment is very important for me, in some genres I'm feel quite powerless for example a hand painted, horror, sci-fi
2. It can be expensive for you. If I see that it's going to be expensive, I say no.
3. You can pitch your idea and if I like it, I will create the environment for free.
4. I do not like to be stuck in the rigid frame of your reference images, I want to have space for my creativity, it helps to make a good scene. Sometimes a lot of ideas just don't work, this is often in case the game industry.
Gym 🥷
Level required:
Environment Tier

Gym (WIP) + plans for next room

Gym prototype
 I've done a couple of renderings for final polishing. There are still some assets missing in the scene. Gym will be divided into three zones - a large part of the main lounge, a corner for yoga and balcony.
When this room is finished, I will start to create a new room in the style of "casting girls at home" (improvised home studio) by request of a subscriber. I love this idea! I want to create the highest quality environment as possible.
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He did it again, Looks awesome
Gamer, thank you so much! It's a pleasure to read this. Heart
Curtains are great, please leave them in the scene!
Home renovation
Level required:
Environment Tier


EvilBox.BathRobe.1.var29.18 MbDownload
Luxury Bathroom v1.1
If you use Paypal
Level required:
Environment Tier

Luxury bathroom (WIP)

This bathroom is an addition to the previous room (separate scene) and it is almost finished in blender. I had to remove some props from the scene cuz my fucking 2080 can't calculate light from all assets, 8gb isn't enough. There is still a lot of work to be done. I hope it all goes well.
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. The environment and rooms do not need the most people of the community of this game.
Who are supporting me I want to say - Thank you guys!
Cycles test renders in 512 samples
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Insane detail
Streamer Room 1.1 (update 27/02/24)
Level required:
Environment Tier
Dealers hideout
Level required:
Environment Tier
Small announcement
Level required:
Environment Tier
Hayley outfit
Level required:
Environment Tier

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Environment Tier

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You are getting access to all of my assets. Everything is unlocked for you.

Master (for 3d artists)

$ 59 per month
For serious supporters only, you want to greatly help me focus on my art while having access to all of my assets. You get my source in full res (blend, textures usually in 4k)
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